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Students celebrate principal by wearing pink

Students of Xavier school in South Bend, Indiana recently welcomed the news that their principal, Barbara Hubber, was cancer-free by donning pink to celebrate.

NBC affiliate WNDU reports that Hubber, who battled breast cancer 11 years ago, had recently been told by her doctors that the cancer may have returned. However, she later learned that there is no recurrence and she will not have to undergo anymore treatments.

"I walked in and immediately saw all the kids were in pink and saw some of them actually had tie-dye with the pink ribbon for breast cancer on them. So, how nice I think. I've seen parents and faculty got together and did that all for the students and I think they even sold t-shirts. So it was really, really a surprise," she told the news source.

The mother of a student sold t-shirts with the money going to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has raised nearly $1.5 billion for breast cancer research since it was founded in 1982.
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