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Study finds breast cancer patients with case manager receive more timely treatment

Low-income women who were assigned a case manager after having an abnormal result on their mammograms received more timely treatments than those who were not assigned the advocate, a study set to be published in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed.

The study was conducted by Rebecca Lobb of the Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Lobb and her colleagues studied 2,252 women who participated in the National and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, which funds breast cancer screening and diagnosis for low-income women who are underinsured.

It was reserachers found that those who had a case manager had 10 percent less time between their diagnosis and treatment than those who didn't.

Though not all hospitals and healthcare centers offer case managers, the statistics suggests that being proactive and informed about one's health could lead to faster treatment.

Uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, can turn to the wide array of programs available from the American Cancer Society that are aimed at helping breast cancer patients navigate their road to recovery.
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