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Susan G. Komen organization still supports breast cancer drug Avastin

Following a February 2 report from the Wall Street Journal claiming that Susan G. Komen for the Cure had changed its stance on Avastin, the breast cancer organization is once again reiterating its official support for the metastatic breast cancer drug.

The Food and Drug Administration removed its accelerated approval process for Avastin in December, prompting "misinformation" about Komen's position on Avastin, according to the Komen News website.

Komen supports continued use of the drug for breast cancer patients who have experienced success with Avastin.

Concerning the incorrect stories that appeared in both the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Business Times, the Komen group posted the following statement:

"Both writers issued corrections almost immediately, but the incorrect stories had already begun making the rounds on the Internet, and we are seeing them still in various on-line venues. This situation underscores how quickly misinformation can spread on the Internet."

Avastin was the first FDA-approved drug designed to prevent new blood vessel growth, known as angiogenesis, in an effort to prevent tumor expansion, according to the Genentech website. Avastin is produced by Genetech, a unit of Roche, the global Swiss healthcare company.  
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