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The outdoors can help breast cancer survivors' moods

At the suggestion of her doctor, breast cancer survivor Emily Meoli began to spend time outdoors, under the sun and in her garden. Her newfound green thumb has helped her restore a positive mood, according to the Denver Channel News.

Studies have shown that gardening helps more than 50 percent of patients in their recovery process and that female cancer survivors who spend more time outdoors have less anxiety and stress, according to the news provider.

Dr. Kathy Helzlsouer, of the Mercy Medical Center, recommended an eight-week gardening program for Meoli.

"The [outdoors] program is designed to give them tools so that they can help themselves get to that point where they are getting better. They’re back to where they should be. You need to heal the whole person. Healing is dealing with the whole person," said Dr. Helzlsouer.

Programs such as The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Massachusetts are dedicated specifically to providing a positive outdoor environment for breast cancer survivors, according to its website.

The Thurston Healing Garden provides eight acres of garden space, and was founded by Ginny and Bill Thurston about 40 years ago. 
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