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Triathlete vows to beat breast cancer

Maura Guthrie is as healthy as they come, so it's easy to see how the woman was shocked to the core when she discovered she had breast cancer.

Still, the Dallas Morning News reports that the 48-year-old health food purist and competitive athlete wasn't going to take the disease lying down. Aside from continuing with her triathlon training while undergoing treatment, Guthrie took on the challenge of deciding what chemotherapy she received.

"They're talking a foreign language, and you're asked to make a decision on a life-threatening situation," she told the news outlet. "It's not lollipops we're picking."

Guthrie decided to go with ACT, a strong chemo that, unfortunately, can cause heart damage. However, because Guthrie is in tip-top condition, she knows she'll be able to win her battle.

"The hardest part is that you're not in control," Guthrie told the news outlet. "I try to do what the experts ask. I also try to live my life to the fullest. Unless they say I can't do something, I will do it."

Medical professionals believe that maintaining a regular fitness routine is beneficial for preventing a breast cancer diagnosis, as well as helping those battling the disease recover more quickly.
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