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Using household items may increase breast cancer risk

Women may now want to think twice about how they get their home looking spic-and-span. According to The Independent, some typical cleaning products may increase one's risk of breast cancer.

The news source reports that scientists at Silent Spring Institute and Boston University have found evidence linking air fresheners and mold and mildew removers with the development of the disease.

"Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use," the team wrote in the study.

The research was conducted on 787 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as 721 healthy participants, who all lived on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Clare Dimmer, chair of trustees at Breast Cancer UK, was intrigued by the discovery.

"Although we will have to wait for more research before we can be sure about the link, some women already diagnosed with the disease may want to take a precautionary approach and review the levels of potentially-hazardous chemicals in the products they use," she told the news source.

According to, certain plastics and cosmetics may also fuel the onset of the illness.
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