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WEAVE distributes dolls in December to refugee children

WEAVEAlong the Thai-Burma border, hundreds of small children are living in refugee camps.

WEAVE helps these children and their families through special nursery schools set up in the camps, programs for their mothers (health and employment), and training teachers and social workers.

Every December, WEAVE distributes dolls dressed in traditional Karen attire to children in the camps. Through assistance from a GreaterGood.org grant to underwrite material and supplies and labor, the dolls are made by displaced women living in the camps and purchased from them by WEAVE.

The creation of these dolls “brings much needed income for the displaced women and their families, and joy to the children in the camps in the form of a new and special toy of their own,” wrote Mitos Urgel, director of WEAVE. “In December 2009, we were able to distribute more than 900 dolls to 19 nursery schools.”

To learn more about this program and the work of WEAVE, please click here.

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