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WNBA player spreads breast cancer awareness

Edna Campbell was a guard in the WNBA for seven seasons from 1999-2005, though during the 2002 season, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, USA Today reports.

Since her bout with the disease, Campbell has become one of the leaders in breast cancer advocacy and she recently spoke about her personal battle as a way to encourage other women to take a stand against cancer.

During a recent press conference held on behalf of WNBAs Breast Health Awareness Week, Campbell spoke about the importance of early detection.

"The more awareness is promoted the more women are encouraged to do their breast-self exams, and get their clinical exams and mammograms," Campbell told the news outlet. "Ultimately, the WNBA, is encouraging early detection, which could help in saving lives."

Campbell added that by being a social figure, she felt it was right to talk openly about her battle to hopefully encourage other women to fight the illness.

With one in eight women set to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, its crucial to spread awareness as a way to combat the problem and make lifelong friends with other survivors.
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