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Woman receives right to post breast cancer scar on Facebook

While Facebook has strict rules against users posting nude photos, it looks as though representatives from the company have taken one breast cancer survivor's reasoning into serious consideration.

According to the Oxford Mail, Anna Antell had an image she posted on the social networking site removed because it showed her naked from the waist-up. However, the Oxfordshire, UK resident, who had a mastectomy last year, was one of 14 participants in an exhibition that aimed to show the beauty of breast cancer patients and survivors.

After the story went public, Facebook retracted its decision.

"We do not allow nude images on the site, but recognize that we need to enforce this policy sensitively and support Anna's right to share her experience of her friends including photographs of her scar," spokeswoman Sophy Silver said in a statement.

According to the American Cancer Society, all women should perform regular self-breast exams, and those over the age of 40 should be sure to undergo a yearly mammogram.
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