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Woman survives breast cancer - twice

While women who have a mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis often believe they're in the clear, that's not always the case. Laura Thomas Spencer, who first learned she had the disease in 1996, is a living testament to the fact.

Spencer was 37-years-old at the time and a devoted mother of two. After getting a second opinion, she had her left breast removed, according to

"I had a mastectomy and reconstruction with an implant and went on with my life," she told the news source.

A few years later, Spencer's doctor ordered an MRI. It was then that she learned she had breast cancer once again - in her left breast.

The brave woman is now cancer-free, yet her battle has highlighted the importance of continually being aware about the disease, even after undergoing reconstruction surgery.

"I want everyone to know that even if they have a mastectomy, they need to keep checking for lumps and to be faithful in having thorough mammograms," Spencer told the news outlet.

According to the American Cancer Society, all women over the age of 40 should undergo a yearly mammogram.
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