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Woman to run around Australia for National Breast Cancer Foundation

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she finds strength through different outlets. From talking with other patients to discovering a new hobby, a patient often needs to channel her fear, anxiety and anger in different ways.

For Deborah De Williams, solace was found in the comfort of running, ABC Northwest Queensland reports. The Australia-native walked around her entire country for a children's charity in 2003 and broke several world records in the process.

While William's feat was astounding, her breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 forced her to set the bar even higher.

"So on the day I had treatment I got out the map and said I'm going to be the first woman to run around Australia," she told the news outlet.

Williams did in fact accomplish her goal, and is now aiming to do it once again. She hopes to raise $300,000 in the process.

"That to me would mean my life has been complete," she told the news outlet.

According to Breast Cancer Australia, the disease is the most common form of cancer in the country.
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