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Yale research leads to licensing for breast cancer technology

Mira Dx announced recently that it had licensed breast cancer microRNA technology based on research conducted at Yale and published in Cell Cycle in early 2011.

Mira Dx is a genomics company founded in 2008 by two Yale University researchers - oncologist Joanne Weidhaas, M.D., Ph.D., and molecular, cellular and developmental biology professor Frank Slack, Ph.D.

The new research found that one specific variant - known as rs8176318 - of the BRCA1 gene could help predict triple negative breast cancer, especially in African American women.

BRCA1 - pronounced brak-uh - is short for "breast cancer 1," and is a gene located on chromosome 17, according to the Stanford Cancer Center.

It is a cancer suppressor gene which means that BRCA1 helps control the development and death of cells.

People with a mutation in BRCA1 have a much higher risk - about 65 percent - of developing breast cancer.

"There is a real need for tools that can help women who have a family history of breast cancer to better understand their risk," said Martin Van Verhoef, the President of Mira Dx.
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