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Latest Breast Cancer News Articles

New Ebook Collects Stories From Survivors And Families

Nov 25, 2013: Staff of The Breast Cancer Site collected 100 inspiring stories of survival and courage for a new ebook.

Killing Cancer Stem Cells May Lead To Better Outcomes

Jun 26, 2013: Researchers believe that targeting stem cancer stem cells may lengthen remission time for women with aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Movement To Encourage Mammograms Goes Global

Apr 22, 2013: In India and elsewhere, cancer societies are urging families to talk to Mom about getting a mammogram this Mother's Day.

Breast Cancer Patients Need Better Cardiology Care

Apr 19, 2013: University of Michigan and others are working to make doctors more aware of the need to monitor for heart problems.

Patients Don't Take Their Pills

Apr 9, 2013: Approximately one-quarter of the women who should take hormone-blocking therapies as part of their breast cancer treatment either do not start or do not complete the five-year course, says a new study.

The Breast Cancer Site Makes It Even Easier to Help

Mar 12, 2013: Thanks to new navigation and a more intuitive interface, helping your favorite cause is always just a click away. Read about five easy ways to help at The Breast Cancer Site.

New study suggests a decade of tamoxifen justified

Dec 5, 2012: For some types of breast cancer, doubling the length of tamoxifen treatment from five years to ten years may save lives.

New report focuses on worldwide rise of breast cancer

Dec 5, 2012: Joanne Silberner interviews Partners In Health doctors and nurses about the battle against breast cancer in Haiti.

No such thing as too much awareness

Oct 15, 2012: Experts laud NFL for "going pink" in October.

Breast cancer on the rise in Australia

Oct 9, 2012: According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer continues to rise.

Early detection remains best way to beat breast cancer

Oct 3, 2012: Early detection makes targeted therapies more effective according to this news video.

Amy Hauser turns experience into a book

Oct 2, 2012: Her book is just part of her efforts to share what she’s learned. Along with her husband Tom, Hauser started Made For More ministries (M4M).

Women veterans suffer higher rates of breast cancer

Oct 1, 2012: Women veterans may have a 20% to 40% higher risk of developing breast cancer according to recent studies.

New study examines how to avoid overtreatment

Sep 25, 2012: Can treatment of breast cancer be too aggressive? A University of Michigan study aims to find out.

Road map to cure may be possible

Sep 24, 2012: A new study published in Nature magazine suggests more effective treatments for breast cancer may be on the horizon.
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