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Latest Breast Cancer Treatment News Articles

Killing Cancer Stem Cells May Lead To Better Outcomes

Jun 26, 2013: Researchers believe that targeting stem cancer stem cells may lengthen remission time for women with aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Angelina's Choice: What Every Woman Needs to Know

May 15, 2013: She did the research. She had the surgery. She made a very personal decision, and she bravely chose to share that decision with the world. But what should this mean to other women?

Breast Cancer Patients Need Better Cardiology Care

Apr 19, 2013: University of Michigan and others are working to make doctors more aware of the need to monitor for heart problems.

Patients Don't Take Their Pills

Apr 9, 2013: Approximately one-quarter of the women who should take hormone-blocking therapies as part of their breast cancer treatment either do not start or do not complete the five-year course, says a new study.

New study suggests a decade of tamoxifen justified

Dec 5, 2012: For some types of breast cancer, doubling the length of tamoxifen treatment from five years to ten years may save lives.

Early detection remains best way to beat breast cancer

Oct 3, 2012: Early detection makes targeted therapies more effective according to this news video.

New study examines how to avoid overtreatment

Sep 25, 2012: Can treatment of breast cancer be too aggressive? A University of Michigan study aims to find out.

Road map to cure may be possible

Sep 24, 2012: A new study published in Nature magazine suggests more effective treatments for breast cancer may be on the horizon.

Tranformational hub for cancer research created

Aug 8, 2012: "“The North Campus Research Complex offers a unique opportunity for researchers across campus to talk with each other and collaborate in ways they have never had before."

Cymbalta may relieve pain caused by chemotherapy

Jun 4, 2012: Researchers at at the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center tested the antidepressant drug duloxetine, known commercially as Cymbalta, to relieve relieve painful tingling feelings caused by chemotherapy in 59 percent of patients.

Study shows a drink a day may increase risk of breast cancer

Mar 29, 2012: A new study published in the latest issue of Alcohol and Alcoholism shows that a drink a day may increase the risk of breast cancer, according to CBS News.

Hundreds of thousands of cancer cases could have been preventable

Mar 28, 2012: A new study published in Science Translational Medicine found that more than half of a million people in the U.S. have died from cancer, and what's more is that approximately 280,000 of these individuals may have been able to prevent it.

Recent Quebec review found more than 100 breast cancer false negatives

Mar 27, 2012: The Quebec College of Physicians issued an 83-page report recently discussing the mistakes of a former doctor, who administered 22,500 mammograms.

New treatment method for metastatic breast cancer patients

Mar 26, 2012: A new study, which was presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology Scientific Meeting, found a method for treating metastatic breast cancer called percutaneous cryoablation.

Study shows women with high breast density have higher recurrence chance

Mar 22, 2012: New research presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Vienna showed that women over 50 who have denser breasts are at a greater risk of having their breast cancer return.
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