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Latest Mammogram News Articles

Movement To Encourage Mammograms Goes Global

Apr 22, 2013: In India and elsewhere, cancer societies are urging families to talk to Mom about getting a mammogram this Mother's Day.

Breast cancer on the rise in Australia

Oct 9, 2012: According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer continues to rise.

Mammography still best form of early detection

May 18, 2012: In a video released by ASBS, Dr. Deanna Attai explains that mammography remains the most cost-effective, practical, and accurate screening tool currently available for the early detection of breast cancer.

Cancer patient creates fundraiser for mammograms

Apr 28, 2012: A Stage Four cancer patient is raising money for Mobile Bay Area Mammogram Foundation to help pay for mammograms for women who cannot afford them.

Senator attempting to push breast cancer screening bill through California again

Mar 28, 2012: California Senator Joseph Simitian is bringing back a bill, which aims to strengthen breast cancer screenings, that was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown last year, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Recent Quebec review found more than 100 breast cancer false negatives

Mar 27, 2012: The Quebec College of Physicians issued an 83-page report recently discussing the mistakes of a former doctor, who administered 22,500 mammograms.

Study shows women with high breast density have higher recurrence chance

Mar 22, 2012: New research presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Vienna showed that women over 50 who have denser breasts are at a greater risk of having their breast cancer return.

Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation offers grant to Rhode Island for breast cancer screenings

Mar 20, 2012: The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation recently announced it will be giving a $40,000 grant to the Rhode Island Department of Health's Women's Cancer Screening Program.

Three sisters fight breast cancer together

Mar 5, 2012: When Brenda O'Brien found out she had breast cancer for the second time, she was devastated - but it was nothing compared to when she discovered her older and younger sister, Kathleen and Angel respectively, were also diagnosed in the same year, according to MSNBC.

Avon Foundation gives grant to breast cancer awareness program

Feb 28, 2012: It was recently announced that the Avon Foundation for Women will be offering a $30,000 one-year grant to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' breast cancer awareness program, which is titled the Witness Project, according to KARK-TV.

Study shows breast cancer detection in 40 to 49 year olds has better prognosis

Feb 23, 2012: A new study conducted by researchers from the Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle shows that women who are between 40 and 49 years old and had their breast cancer detected by a mammogram have a better prognosis.

Americans getting screened for cancers down

Jan 27, 2012: A new report found that the number Americans who are going for cancer screenings, including colon, breast and cervical, is not reaching the national targets, according to USA Today.

Elderly adults continue cancer screenings after recommended age

Dec 14, 2011: Researchers from the University of Connecticut in Storrs found that people have been undergoing screening even after they have passed the recommended age for certain cancer screenings, according to ABC News.

Study shows importance of breast cancer screenings

Dec 6, 2011: There has been a great deal of focus on the age of screening women for breast cancer, but a new report reveals more information about the important of mammograms.

Study defends theory that women should schedule annual mammograms at 40

Nov 30, 2011: There has been a continuous debate surrounding what the proper age is for women to start scheduling their annual mammograms.
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