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Ellen Versus The First Lady

To help bring awareness to #GimmeFive, the First Lady appeared on The Ellen Show — and took to the dance floor for a good-natured dance-off against Ellen! Take a look!

3-Time Survivor

I was diagnosed at 46. I was working in my own business, with kids at home, and a wonderful supportive and loving husband never failing to be by my side. I had a lumpectomy, radiation and chemo for six months. During this time, I continued to work, a great leveler and distraction...

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Pink Fire Trucks Bring Support

Through Pink Heals, volunteers travel the country in pink fire trucks and police cars to promote community support for women battling breast cancer. Learn more!

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Angela's Corner: The Day The Tears Kept Falling

Angela's Corner: The Day The Tears Kept Falling

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of thirty-three. With all honesty, being diagnosed at the time was not a real shock to me. I never asked the "Why me" questions. Instead, I actually started to ask, "What does God have in store for me?" or "What does he want me to do with my diagnosis?" I knew there was a purpose; I just had to figure it out.

Oftentimes I knew if I spoke my mind, if I talked about what happened to me, that maybe, just maybe I could help save someone's life. A year later, that life presented itself. My sister called and said, "Angela, I have cancer." At that time, her diagnosis was the same as my original diagnosis — pre-cancer, stage zero. I was thrilled to hear it was caught at an early stage. That sense of ease I had about her cancer didn't last long. Very quickly her cancer stage jumped to stage three. Two tumors and eight lymph nodes were involved in that jump. My heart sank.

Now, I'll admit, I cried a little hearing my sister's news at first. (Actually, I cried more over her cancer than I ever did over mine. I had a feeling it was because I couldn't control her and her outcome like I was able to control mine.) What put me over the edge, where the tear flood gates opened for hours, was one small thing my sister had said to me...

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Provide Family Planning Counseling in Nepal
In Achham, Nepal, family planning guidance and contraceptives are accessible to less than 0.5% of women of childbearing age. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide family planning and contraceptive services at the Bayalpata Hospital for fifteen women, including the salary for the nurse-midwife and all educational and contraceptive supplies. Thank you!

Help a hospital in one of the most remote regions on Earth provide women with family planning counseling and contraception options.

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