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A Luxury Tax?

In the U.S., food, medical supplies, and other necessities are often exempt from state sales tax; sunscreen, Rogaine, and anti- dandruff shampoo also fall on this list. But in many states, feminine hygiene products get a 'luxury tax.' Huh? All women know that they are a necessity, not an option!

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Awareness Is Key

My story starts with a little pimple on my left breast. I was going to wait until my annual exam, but decided to call for an appointment immediately. My doctor confirmed the pimple was just a zit, but after a thorough breast exam she discovered a lump... in my right breast! I felt it, and was terrified...

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Stop Price Hikes

Americans pay more for prescription drugs than any other nation in the world. Why? Profit. Tell the Department of Health and Human Services to enact legislation to change our out-of-control drug prices. We shouldn't be expected to pad the pockets of wealthy pharmaceutical executives.

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Endowed Fund for The Breast Cancer Site Researcher at Mayo Clinic

Every moment counts in the fight against breast cancer and in the search for a cure. And now, The Breast Cancer Site has found one more way to help. We've created The Breast Cancer Site Endowed Fund for Breast Cancer Research at Mayo Clinic.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help fund this endowment. Contributions to the fund are matched by Mayo Clinic up to $250,000, so your contribution is doubled to make an even greater difference! Thank you!

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