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Beating The Odds!

I have had FIVE very aggressive cancers, one starting at 18 years of age, to currently fighting skin cancer. I started this cancer journey in 1975, six months away from graduating high school when a shadow (tumor) was noticed by a radiologist for my chest pre-op for a tonsillectomy...

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How You Can Help

Some insurance companies do not cover the drugs that are prescribed by doctors to save breast cancer patients’ lives. Low-income and underinsured women are forced to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival. Help women fighting breast cancer access the medications they need.

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I Take Care Of Myself

Video: I Take Care Of Myself

Myriam Escobar is one exceptional lady! Escobar works with Hispanic woman through Yo Me Cuido, or "I Take Care Of Myself," a program that encourages women to live healthy.

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Support Awareness in Style!

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The Breast Cancer Blog

A new computational program is an exciting development in determining how to treat breast cancer.Computers Provide Guage for Breast Cancer Cells Response to Treatments

A new development in the war on breast cancer is emerging.

Genetic Marker May Indicate Individual Response to TamoxifenGenetic Marker May Indicate Individual Response to Tamoxifen

A recent study may have found a manner of predicting how breast cancer patients will will respond to treatment with the popular drug Tamoxifen.

Angela’s Corner: The What If’s

After I was told I had invasive breast cancer, I was in a state of shock and disbelief at times. At other times, I was extremely happy with the outcome. Am I happy I had cancer? Absolutely not! However, I would have never known cancer was growing in my body if I never went through […]

bodyimage1Your Body Image After Breast Cancer Can Change — For The Better! These Women Show Us Their Newfound Confidence

Going through a mastectomy can skew your sense of self. After all, breasts are a major part of our femininity — but that doesn’t mean they define you. You can regain confidence in your body and your sense of self after breast cancer surgery. Each woman’s journey to acceptance is different, and each woman’s ultimate […]

dailylifewithchemo3It’s Important To Do This During Chemotherapy To Fight Fatigue — And It’s Quite Simple!

Concerned about what your daily life will look like during chemotherapy treatments? Dr. David Margileth says fatigue is the biggest variable. This can occur throughout the entire treatment, or only around the days of treatments. Some women experience no fatigue at all. Regardless, he encourages people going through chemo to continue to stay active. Watch […]

Helping Hands Fund for Women with Breast Cancer
As new drugs show promise in preventing breast cancer, women who should be taking these medications may be reluctant if costs are too high. This is also true for pharmaceuticals prescribed as part of breast cancer treatment regimens. The "Helping Hands Fund" at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center helps patients whose medication costs, for prevention or treatment, exceed their ability to pay. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will make a difference. Thank you!

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