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Trust Your Instincts

After delivering my fourth child my OBGYN joked with me and said, if you intend on nursing her you'll never have to worry about breast cancer. For years I thought the same thing. I nursed four children, had no genetic history and was only 39 when I felt a nagging suspicion that something was wrong…

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I'm A Warrior

I was 17 years old the first time I was diagnosed with cancer. I had Hodgkins Lymphoma. After 11 weeks of radiation therapy, I went in remission. I had a recurrence at 29.

Seven years later, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Then 10 months later, while doing a self breast exam...

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Gift Of Love

It was a lonely Christmas Eve in 1976. I went to a party with friends. I met Gary. He was my only gift for Christmas that year and for many others. He was with me when I drove against my OB's advice at age 19 and pregnant to locate my Bio mother. I got to her in time before breast cancer claimed her life at 46.

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The Breast Cancer Blog

SnowPlay1This Greyhound Is Wearing Pajamas, Playing In The Snow, And Having The Time Of His Life! This Is So Great!

Snow days are fun, no matter what age - or species - you are. Watch this excited pup enjoy the snow and outdoors - Batman pajamas and all.

CuriousCatSnowWatching This Curious Cat Investigate Snow Made My Day!

When snow hits the normally balmy south, there can be a bit of a... panic. If you're not accustomed to snow, it can be quite mystifying — but no one has had as much fun discovering it as this curious cat!

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This sweet boy could no longer get into the bath tub to ease his aching joints and muscles after an injury. So his owner found a very effective way to give his old pal the daily soak that the vet prescribed without stressing out his body — and the result is incredibly cute.

babygoat-dance1A Baby Pygmy Goat Doing A Happy Dance?! This May Be The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

A baby pygmy goat is so cute that if it stayed that size, I would own a dozen!

Bianca1Kicking Cancer’s Butt To Watch My Girls Grow Up!

I’m 29 years old, a wife and mother of two little girls, who are 1 1/2 and 3 years old. On 9 November 2014, while reading my daughters a bedtime story, for some reason I touched the top of my breast and felt a lump. The next day I went to the doctor to get...

Support For Young Women With Breast Cancer
Younger women diagnosed with breast cancer have unique needs compared to older women. In addition to having the tendency of a more aggressive disease, many are also faced with issues such as infertility, early menopause, body image, developing careers, raising young families and more. SurviveDAT is a support program for young women with breast cancer, their families, and caregivers. It provides ongoing support in the form of online, local resources, information, encouragement, as well as face-to-face, professionally led support groups and workshops on topics such as nutrition, fertility and more. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help young women facing a diagnosis get the support they need. Thank you!

You can help young women with cancer!

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