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A New Beginning

I then went through tests, biopsies, and surgeries. It felt so humiliating. More people saw my body in those weeks then ever before. Finally I headed back to work — and my husband decided he wanted a divorce after 16 years of marriage. That is when I learned how great life can be. I met an amazing man...

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Stars Do PSA For Breast Cancer

Raising awareness via a snowlady? Great idea! Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney, stars of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", teach us the importance of self checks!

Help a Pregnant Woman with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis by itself is a frightening and life-changing event. Imagine learning you have cancer when you are pregnant, trying to nurture a tiny life into being. It could be terrifying. But women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant don't have to face it alone.

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The Breast Cancer Blog

Bikers are going on rides to benefit breast cancer patients and medical centers.Motorcyclists Raise Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

Bikers in Peoria, Illinois, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, are just two examples of people who have recently raised money for breast cancer awareness and provided additional funding for medical centers.

Angela’s Corner: Fundraising for Others

Photo credit: Lynette Smith Photography Being diagnosed with cancer will often bring a huge financial burden with it. Family and close friends may seek a way to help ease that financial strain. Others will want to help, but not necessarily know what to do. Through the years, I have seen various types of fundraisers in...

giulianarancic2You Tell It Like It Is, Giuliana! There’s Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Feel Beautiful Again!

Since going through her treatment for breast cancer, Giuliana Rancic has purposefully shifted some of her priorities. But she was surprised by one aspect of her life that didn’t change: going back to work for E! News and getting reabsorbed into the fashion world. Initially she didn’t think she would be able to do it...

Angelina Jolie's announcement to undergo a double mastectomy last year is leading to an increase in breast cancer screenings.Breast Cancer Screenings on the Rise Thanks to Angelina Jolie

In the time since actress Angelina Jolie announced her decision to undergo a double mastectomy after discovering she carried the BRCA1 mutation, breast cancer screenings have increased.

dearbody1Whoa! After Listening To This Survivor, I’m Heading To The Mirror To Look At My Body With New Eyes!

Alright ladies (and gents!) — it’s time to give your body a little appreciation! We’re all guilty of looking in the mirror and honing in on what we don’t like. It’s time to look at your body with nothing but love in your eyes. Your body has done a lot for you! The fantastic survivor...

Change The Way We Fight Cancer
Genetic changes that drive tumors are highly variable, and a one-size-fits-all approach is clearly not effective. Instead of broad-brush therapies that destroy both cancerous and healthy cells, research is now focused on the unique and complex nature of each individual cancer. Already, information gleaned through genome sequencing is helping doctors reclassify tumors based on their genetic makeup, rather than their location in the body. Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan and his research team at the University of Michigan are at the forefront of this groundbreaking research. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ go directly to the advancement of this unique and innovative research in the battle against cancer.

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