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Jodi's Story

Two months ago I noticed a small bead-like lump in the left of my nipple. I went to the doctor's, where she said it was probably a milk duct as I had had a baby five months earlier. She referred me to a breast specialist as I had a huge family history of breast cancer and I did not breastfeed...

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Celebrating Me

My life began at age 47 — meaning I had to focus more on myself than raising kids and a 28-year marriage. I was having terrible left leg and hip pain, and could no longer stand for long periods of time. My GP sent me for all kinds of tests for my leg. Everything was fine. The last thing I had to do was a mammogram...

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Demand Quality Treatment

Health care providers should be accountable for providing the same high-quality care to all breast cancer patients — regardless of race, age, or income. Support this important legislation.

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Endowed Fund for The Breast Cancer Site Researcher at Mayo Clinic

Every moment counts in the fight against breast cancer and in the search for a cure. And now, The Breast Cancer Site has found one more way to help. We've created The Breast Cancer Site Endowed Fund for Breast Cancer Research at Mayo Clinic.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help fund this endowment. Contributions to the fund are matched by Mayo Clinic up to $250,000, so your contribution is doubled to make an even greater difference! Thank you!

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