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Faith & Hope

"In November 2013, I started having sharp, quick pains in my right breast. The nurses in my family told me that it was probably because I was drinking too much caffeine; that if it were cancer, it would not hurt. After eliminating as much caffeine as I could, the pains were still present..."

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Kids Talk About Dad

Let's look at fatherhood from a kid's point of view. These kids were asked what they think about their dads, and their answers are sure to make you smile! Learn more.

Clean Childbirth Kits

For women in poverty-stricken areas of the world where sterile, reliable medical equipment is unavailable, clean childbirth equipment can literally mean the difference between life and death. Your donation provides three birth and maternity kits for mothers-to-be in Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, or Lesotho.

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The Breast Cancer Blog

No matter your age, you may experience memory loss issues during chemotherapy treatments.Tips for Overcoming Memory Problems Caused by Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can cause memory problems. Here are some tips to help you remember things while undergoing treatment.

Dense-breast-tissue1Do You Have Dense Breasts? A Mammogram Might Not Be Enough to Detect Breast Cancer.

Up to 50% of women have what is referred to as "dense breast tissue." This tissue shows up as particularly bright white on mammography results, which can make it difficult for technicians and doctors to see cancer forming in the breast tissue.

DearKittenSuperbowl1Cat Explains The Superbowl To Kitten In This Hilarious Video!

In the latest installment of 'Dear Kitten', Cat explains the weird rituals humans have during "The Big Game". He tries to warn kitten about the random intervals where everyone shouts, the significance of the costumes they wear, and the strange game they play with their snack foods.

preserve-fertility1Know Your Options When It Comes to Preserving Your Fertility

If steps are taken early, women who have a genetic predisposition for breast and ovarian cancers can take concrete steps to preserve their ability to have children.

DogAndRaccoon2Normally I Wouldn’t Call A Raccoon Cute, But This Video Proves Otherwise!

Aw! This video of a dog and raccoon playing is the greatest thing ever! Don't you just love animal odd couples? I do!

Wigs and More for Women with Cancer
The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, through its program of Patient and Family Support Services, helps needy patients to better cope with the physical challenges that come with cancer treatments. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help a woman with the expense of a wig, wig fitting, breast prosthesis, or other similar need. Thank you!

Help breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer patients with limited financial resources!

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