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Why Is Screening Important?

Video: Why Is Screening Important?

Dr. Laszlo Tabar, a world leader in breast mammography, discusses the importance of screening. Click to learn more.

Cha-Cha's Journey

At the age of 35, my sister passed away from breast cancer and left her four boys, the youngest just a few months old. She was my only sister and my hero. My mother promised her that she would keep all of her boys. Four years later my mother had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital...

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Protect Your Healthcare Rights

Religious doctrine on what is acceptable medicine should not be imposed by law onto individuals who may not choose to be part of that religion. Doing so impinges upon personal freedom, especially when it comes to medical coverage.

Protect Your Rights. Sign Now.

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Support Vital Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer can adversely affect women's bones, and cancer treatment in particular can take a toll. These women develop signs of osteoporosis which includes bone loss and bone pain. Dr. Catherine Van Poznak, from the University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center, is studying ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent bone loss and discomfort among women diagnosed with breast cancer. She is also studying ways to identify breast cancers that are more likely to spread to the bone.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will go towards supporting Dr. Van Poznak and her research team. Thank you!

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