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"I had promised my primary care physician that when I turned 40 I'd get a mammogram. I did just that, and they told me to return in six months. They explained that was normal, as they had no comparison. When I returned, I got a biopsy, and then it was a whirlwind of events..."

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"I have been married to this lovely man for ten years now. Even better, we've been together for sixteen years — which is almost half of our lives. I fell in love with him fairly early in our relationship. He did too; he just refused to admit it for a while."

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In October, I came home from work and got my boxers ready for their walk. I had my big male with me when he lunged for a squirrel, and I felt and heard a pop come from my chest area. Pain was instant and I assumed I had sprained my pectoral, or ripped the muscle…

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The Breast Cancer Blog

mothers2‘Thank You, Mom': This Video Will Touch Your Heart In A Big Way

This filmmaker wanted honor the strength of mothers everywhere, and the film he created does it perfectly. See the video, and take a moment to remember everything our mothers do for us!

Lisa Kate David's new show is entitled "Dating in L.A. With No Nipples."Dating Without Nipples

When actress, writer and voice-over artist Lisa Kate David had a double mastectomy, it didn't stop her from raising her daughter and voraciously dating in Los Angeles.

Barbara Walter shares her breast cancer scareBarbara Walters Shares Her Brush With Breast Cancer

At the Breast Cancer Research Symposium and Awards luncheon on Thursday Oct. 9, 2014, Barbara Walters, the 85-year-old broadcaster and former host of "The View," shared her story of having had a lumpectomy.

zumbaroutine1This Zumba Routine Is Dedicated To Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors — And It’s So Much Fun!

This awesome Zumba routine was created by Anaïs Kassardjian and Maya Chammas. They collaborated with a local Montreal non-profit called Move For A Cure, an organization that raises funds for charitable causes through fitness-based events. They’re dedicating this fitness routine to all breast cancer patients and survivors! As they said, “Watch it, dance it, rock...

The Angelina Jolie Effect is Real and MeasurableThe Angelina Jolie Effect is Real and Measurable

A study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research revealed that Angelina Jolie sharing her story of testing positive for the BRCA1 gene and undergoing a double mastectomy greatly affected the number of women getting genetic testing to check for breast cancer in 2012 and 2013.

Help a Woman During Breast Cancer Treatment
Some insurance companies do not cover the drugs that are prescribed by doctors to save breast cancer patients' lives. Low-income and underinsured women are then forced to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival. That is unacceptable - these women are already fighting for their lives! When insurance companies deny the costs of prescription medications, The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation steps in to fill the gap. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one day or one week of breast cancer medication, depending on how much you choose to donate. Thank you.

Help women fighting breast cancer access the medications they need!

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