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Jodi's Story

Two months ago I noticed a small bead-like lump in the left of my nipple. I went to the doctor's, where she said it was probably a milk duct as I had had a baby five months earlier. She referred me to a breast specialist as I had a huge family history of breast cancer and I did not breastfeed...

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Funniest Baby Video Ever!

This is a hilariously clever ad from Pampers featuring the "poop faces" of several babies plus their "relieved faces" when they are finished. Very cute! Watch now!

Set Free

October 8, 2014. Took my kids to school, grabbed a coffee, and called my doctors office about a lump I had found in my right breast. Three hours later a radiologist told me it was breast cancer and they needed to perform a biopsy to confirm. The tornado of doctors, procedures, and emotions began...

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Save A Sengalese Woman's Life

In the developing world, cancer kills more people than malaria, AIDS/HIV, and tuberculosis combined. Cervical cancer is a leading cause of cancer related deaths among women in the developing world. The majority of women living in impoverished countries do not have access to life saving radiation treatment. Thankfully, a group of radiation oncologists from the United States have come together, treating and even curing women of cervical cancer in Senegal.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide radiation treatment for a women with cervical cancer. Thank you!

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