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My Crazy Journey

At work on October 6th, I got the life-changing call. It was the surgeon — "You have cancer." I felt like I was going into a tunnel, almost how you feel when you pass out. My husband was and has been beside me every step, going for second opinions. We finally made our decision to get a lumpectomy...

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Ban Atrazine!

The herbicide atrazine is commonly used by crop growers in the United States to prevent weeds from taking over large fields of crops. However, atrazine has been linked to birth defects, reproductive issues, and even cancer. Tell the EPA to find a non-toxic alternative to atrazine, for human and animal safety!

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Support For Young Women With Breast Cancer

Younger women diagnosed with breast cancer have unique needs compared to older women. In addition to having the tendency of a more aggressive disease, many are also faced with issues such as infertility, early menopause, body image, developing careers, raising young families and more. SurviveDAT is a support program for young women with breast cancer, their families, and caregivers.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help young women facing a diagnosis get the support they need. Thank you!

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