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Breast Cancer At 30?

Just two months after my 30th birthday, I was diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma. My world was turned upside down: Why me? Why so young? Why now?

At an age when you're supposed to be enjoying other things in life, I have cancer — but I refuse to let cancer get in my way!

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Breast Cancer at 26

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at age 26, five months after the birth of my first daughter. When I went to my post-partum check up, my OB found a lump. On January 23, 2006 I went back to the surgeon for the results of my biopsy, and he uncomfortably let me know that the tumor was malignant...

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Cautious At Age 8

My name is Alison Bryan, and I unfortunately lost my mother when I was eight years old. My mother was diagnosed at the early age of 33. With her being diagnosed so young, my doctor said my first mammogram would be at age 28. I always tell my friends to get checked. It is so important…

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The Breast Cancer Blog

HowBreastCancerCellsWork3Research Like This Gives Me Hope for a Cure!

Critical research is taking place every day in the fight against breast cancer. Doctor Xiaoting Zhang is trying to determine how breast cancer cells work and how they become cancer cells in the first place. Breakthrough research like this is key to developing a better understanding of the disease and hopefully result in new treatments...

ChemoSavvy3I’m In Love With Team Chemo Savvy!

Many breast cancer survivors face complex challenges as they adapt to a changed body. One group of survivors in Winnipeg has taken to the water to find community and camaraderie in the form of dragon boat racing. Team Chemo Savvy offers their paddlers the health benefits of a good work out and the social bonds...

Angela’s Corner: The Phone Call

Two weeks after I celebrated being cancer free for one year, I received a phone call from my sister.  Unfortunately, with our busy lives it is not every day we have the opportunity to chat on the phone unless there is something to be planned or a question to be asked.  This wasn’t either one...

malefamilyhistory1Did You Know That Having A Male Family Member Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Increases YOUR Risk?

We all know that a family history of breast cancer in a close female relative like your mother or grandmother increases your risk of developing the disease. An often overlooked risk factor is having a history of male breast cancer in your family. If you do have a male family member who has been diagnosed...

eyebrows2How to Save the Shape of Your Brows During Chemo

Blogger Ann Silberman's advice about saving the shape of your eyebrows can give a much-needed sense of normalcy to chemo patients at a time when life feels upside down. See how Ann "saves her brows" and learn how you can, too!

Mammograms for Women in Need
Mammograms are one of the best methods to catch breast cancer before it's too late. In fact, if the disease is caught early enough, the five-year survival rate is 96%. But many women in the United States lack health insurance that covers the full cost of mammograms, and cannot afford to pay for them out-of-pocket. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help fund free mammograms for low-income, uninsured, and working women. Thank you!

Help close the healthcare gap by bringing early detection to those who cannot afford it.

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