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Help a Pregnant Woman with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis by itself is a frightening and life-changing event. Imagine learning you have cancer when you are pregnant, trying to nurture a tiny life into being. It could be terrifying. But women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant don't have to face it alone.

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I'm Moving On!

We had to leave on a planned vacation, knowing I was awaiting biopsy results. My phone rang 20 minutes after we landed, confirming what I already knew in my heart. My husband and I handled that moment the best we could, in a rental car with our two awesome boys, ages 12 and 13. We all cried...

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Cancer, Divorce, Pneumonia

I was 37 years old when I was told that I had Stage II Breast Cancer. I had surgery and started my treatments. All during my treatments, my husband was there but not physically or mentally — ignoring me all the time and sleeping on the couch…

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Help a Woman During Breast Cancer Treatment

Some insurance companies don't cover the drugs that are prescribed by doctors to save breast cancer patients' lives. Low-income and underinsured women are then forced to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival. When insurance companies deny the costs of prescription medications, The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation steps in to fill the gap.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one day or one week of breast cancer medication, depending on how much you choose to donate. Thank you.

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