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Obstetric Fistulas

Virtually unheard of in wealthier nations, obstetric fistulas (a hole in the birth canal) are caused by prolonged, obstructed labor.

Many women who experience an obstetric fistula suffer from incontinence, shame, social isolation and health problems. You can help.

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Banned Images

Facebook is very clear that they do, in fact, allow post-mastectomy photos. But in practice, many breast cancer survivors have experienced the shame and outrage of having posted a post-mastectomy photo only to have it flagged. Facebook needs to stop its blanket approach to banning images!

Tell Facebook To Stop Censoring Scars!

Illegally Captive

In the summer of 1963, 15 young civil rights activists (ages 12 to 15) were illegally imprisoned for two months for protesting against segregation. Their contributions to the civil rights movement cannot go unnoticed! Sign the petition urging the president to award the Medal of Freedom to these women.

Sign the petition to honor these girls!

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Helping Hands Fund for Women with Breast Cancer

As new drugs show promise in preventing breast cancer, women who should be taking these medications may be reluctant if costs are too high. This is also true for pharmaceuticals prescribed as part of breast cancer treatment regimens. The "Helping Hands Fund" at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center helps patients whose medication costs, for prevention or treatment, exceed their ability to pay.

This Gift That Gives More™ provides patients with diagnostic, treatment and support services in a collaborative environment.

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