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Listen To This Baby's Laugh!

This baby boy is entertained by something so unbelievably small, it's incredible! And his laugh... wait till you hear it! His giggles will seriously make your day. Watch now!

Gift Of Love

It was a lonely Christmas Eve in 1976. I went to a party with friends. I met Gary. He was my only gift for Christmas that year and for many others. He was with me when I drove against my OB's advice at age 19 and pregnant to locate my Bio mother. I got to her in time before breast cancer claimed her life at 46.

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Angela's Corner: The Pain I Saw

Angela's Corner: The Pain I Saw

As a parent you never want to see harm to any of your children, that goes the same for injury or illness. My parents have seen it all through the years. Their three children have been in casts, on crutches, and in surgery. My younger brother, being the most accident prone of us all, has had it all since he was a toddler. As adult children, my parents (like every parent) still worry about our well-being.

Their hearts shattered with my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012. Devastation struck even harder when my sister's diagnosis came a year later. Both daughters were fighting a disease that was all too familiar in the family.

I remember seeing the first hint of pain in my parents' eyes. They came up for my daughter's birthday two days after I was told I had suspicious calcifications. No matter how brave I was being, or how nonchalant I acted about what was going on, they knew I was about ready to wage war against this thing called cancer. The pain continued through my year long journey until my last reconstruction surgery. That's when I saw a glimpse of hope. Hope that this is the end. Hope that it will not come back. Hope for a great future for their daughter...

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Help a Woman During Breast Cancer Treatment
Some insurance companies do not cover the drugs that are prescribed by doctors to save breast cancer patients' lives. Low-income and underinsured women are then forced to choose between surviving cancer and financial survival. That is unacceptable - these women are already fighting for their lives! When insurance companies deny the costs of prescription medications, The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation steps in to fill the gap. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one day or one week of breast cancer medication, depending on how much you choose to donate. Thank you.

Help women fighting breast cancer access the medications they need!

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