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It Will Be Okay

My husband and I had tried to conceive for 6 years, and at 20 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's — cancer of the lymph nodes. We looked at each other and whispered, "It'll be okay," and it was. Fifteen years flew by and when I was 45, I had my first mammogram...

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Change The Way We Fight Cancer

Genome sequencing is helping doctors reclassify tumors based on their genetic makeup, rather than their location in the body. Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan and his research team at the University of Michigan are at the forefront of this groundbreaking research.

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Save The OVW!

The Office of Violence Against Women is on the chopping block to help "balance the budget." The OVW provides essential support and services to victims of domestic abuse, and costs taxpayers $1.48 per year. Women of all ages will feel the impact if these programs are gutted.

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Wigs and More for Women with Cancer

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, through its program of Patient and Family Support Services, helps needy patients to better cope with the physical challenges that come with cancer treatments.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help a woman with the expense of a wig, wig fitting, breast prosthesis, or other similar need. Thank you!

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