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Give Mammograms

All over the world, breast cancer is on the rise. In Sierra Leone, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women. Most women don't seek treatment until the disease has progressed to stage 3 or stage 4. Breast cancer screening is very expensive. In Sierra Leone, there is only one mammography machine...

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Choosing To Fight

My family history of breast cancer was long. I've lost my mother, and several members of my father's family have fought this battle. So, after more than 6 years of mammos, ultrasounds, MRI's, biopsies and lumpectomies, including an MRI the day before my wedding, I decided I'd had enough…

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Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Research

Once fully funded, interest earned from the endowed fund for breast cancer research will be used to pay the salary of a breast cancer researcher at Mayo Clinic. Contributions to the fund are matched by Mayo Clinic up to $250,000.

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Angela's Corner: To Tattoo Or Not

Angela's Corner: To Tattoo Or Not

I have seen some amazing pieces of art through my lifetime. Many have hung in art galleries while others are worn on a daily basis. I have often been in awe of those hanging in the galleries. The amount of time and skill it takes to paint a portrait or landscape shocks me every time. The details that are put into a sculpture could be seen as extremely accurate. Or you have those abstract pieces that take a lot of imagination and creativity. The same could be said for the art that a person wears on their body. It's still art, just a different canvas and medium.

People are expressing their love for art more often. My sister was the first of our family to get a tattoo on a trip to Vegas. It's a gorgeous tattoo and I enjoy looking at is as well. She took all the courage she had to do that in her twenties. I admire her bravery, but I just couldn't bring myself to be willing to do such a drastic thing.

There is a lot of worry for me that go into a tattoo. How painful will it be sticking a needle in your skin for hours on end? What happens if I don't like it or the tattoo artist was not as skilled as I thought they would be? This would be on my body for life. Could I stand to see it on a daily basis? Oh, the worry I put myself through...

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Mammograms for Women in Need
Mammograms are one of the best methods to catch breast cancer before it's too late. In fact, if the disease is caught early enough, the five-year survival rate is 96%. But many women in the United States lack health insurance that covers the full cost of mammograms, and cannot afford to pay for them out-of-pocket. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help fund free mammograms for low-income, uninsured, and working women. Thank you!

Help close the healthcare gap by bringing early detection to those who cannot afford it.

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