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Jodi's Story

Two months ago I noticed a small bead-like lump in the left of my nipple. I went to the doctor's, where she said it was probably a milk duct as I had had a baby five months earlier. She referred me to a breast specialist as I had a huge family history of breast cancer and I did not breastfeed...

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Pamela's Tattoo

On the one year anniversary of my diagnosis I wanted to get a tattoo. After getting it done by a family friend, it was horrible. A tattoo shop was having a cover-up contest, so I submitted my story — and was named as a finalist. Then, three contestants read my story and bowed out so I could win!

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Clean Childbirth Kits

For women in poverty-stricken areas of the world where sterile, reliable medical equipment is unavailable, clean childbirth equipment can literally mean the difference between life and death. Your donation provides three birth and maternity kits for mothers-to-be in Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, or Lesotho.

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Support Awareness in Style!

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Sweet Liberty Dance Team

Sweet Liberty Dance Team 2014: A Dance Inspired By Breast Cancer

Watch as the ladies of the Sweet Liberty dance team gracefully perform with pink props and signs emblazoned with words like “Inspire”, “Memories”, “Empower”, and “Survive”. Take a look!

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Help Where It's Most Needed
GreaterGood.org was born out of a desire to make a real difference — to connect those looking to help with those who are on the ground helping. We bring groups from around the world who are doing good every day into the spotlight through our Gifts That Give More™ program. More than 100 Gifts That Give More™ benefit eight important causes. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help benefit our different causes.

You can make a difference today! Thank you!

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