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UPDATE: Even with the passage of new federal insurance regulations, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming have informed the Obama administration that they can't or won't enforce the law. Please continue to sign and share with your friends and family.
Goal: 40,000 Progress: 28,017
Sponsored by: The Breast Cancer Site

Prominent health insurance providers have been routinely targeting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and canceling their policies. In fact, it was recently revealed that insurance giant WellPoint deliberately used a special computer program that tracked records down and alerted the company of patients with recent breast cancer diagnoses.

We cannot stand back and allow insurance companies to ruin lives. Sign the petition below telling U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to continue to place pressure on American insurance companies to stop rescinding policies.

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Dear Secretary Sebelius,

I am horrified to hear about insurance companies' practice of canceling policies after recent breast cancer diagnoses. The sole purpose of health insurance is to provide financial assistance in the event that expensive medical procedures are vital to one's health. Rescinding a policy due to a serious condition not only restricts a patient's treatment options, but also contradicts the very reason to purchase the policy in the first place.

Your efforts to eradicate this practice from the health insurance industry are honorable, and some corporations have even reacted by renouncing it altogether. But we still need your help to make sure the act of rescinding policies is made illegal altogether.

Insurance companies should be committed first and foremost to the health of their clients. I urge that you continue to fight for your constituents, and encourage insurance providers to get back into the business of helping people stay healthy.


Petition Signatures

Jul 23, 2014 Liza Z
Jul 20, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 20, 2014 Franck Gauthier
Jul 19, 2014 marla armstrong
Jul 17, 2014 meghan follansbee
Jul 16, 2014 Tammy Shea Cancelling insurance for breast cancer patients and survivors is ridiculous! You will pay for men to get an erection, but not birth control back several years ago. What is the point of having insurance if you are dropped when you need it the most!
Jul 16, 2014 Harriett Kabrick
Jul 16, 2014 Cynthia Franklin
Jul 16, 2014 Renay Hersh This is absolutely horrible and unfair to these women. Why buy insurance? Please do not rescind these policies.
Jul 16, 2014 Kristal Taylor
Jul 16, 2014 Judith Harbaugh Please stop this terrible practice of insurance companies dropping those who have been diagnosed with this terrible disease when these patients are most vulnerable!
Jul 15, 2014 Maridell Price
Jul 15, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2014 Donna Thomas
Jul 15, 2014 olga lira
Jul 15, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2014 Paula Younkin Disgraceful. As a breast cancer survivor, not having insurance would have been unthinkable. Having breast cancer is enough of a trauma, let's not ad more by the insurance companies canceling cancer breast survivors.
Jul 15, 2014 jill beilstein
Jul 15, 2014 Teri Mason
Jul 15, 2014 Gretchen Fornof
Jul 15, 2014 Karen Smith
Jul 15, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 14, 2014 Marilyn Weber
Jul 14, 2014 Deborah Kancylar
Jul 14, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 14, 2014 Lori Giannuzzi I think it's a disgrace. That someone's insurance would be cancelled because they got cancer of any kind. We need someone to stand up to them. People pay their premiums and when they need their insurance, the company lets them down.
Jul 13, 2014 Lynn Attwood
Jul 13, 2014 Janice Meyer Health ins. providers are targeting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and then cancel their policies. It was revealed that WellPoint used a computer program to track records which alerted the company of patients with recent breast cancer diagnoses.
Jul 13, 2014 Holly North
Jul 13, 2014 j.s. simpson
Jul 13, 2014 Tony Lilich
Jul 13, 2014 Judith Hertzfeldt
Jul 13, 2014 Jean Moberg
Jul 12, 2014 Marta Galindo
Jul 12, 2014 Monica Aguilar Having just won the battle with breast cancer, I cannot even imagine what it would be like not to be covered. Please do NOT let a woman lose their battle!
Jul 12, 2014 Marcia Connors
Jul 12, 2014 Caryl Johnson
Jul 12, 2014 Linda Campbell I Have 2 Family Member With Stage 3 Lung Cancer And I Have 1 Friend With Breast Cancer Find A Cure, And To Do That Stop Canceling Policies After Recent Breast Cancer Diagnoisis
Jul 12, 2014 Linnea Udden
Jul 12, 2014 Julie VanDyken
Jul 11, 2014 Lori Cohen Not surprised one bit
Jul 11, 2014 Mary Kay Bonfante
Jul 11, 2014 Amy Whitfield
Jul 11, 2014 M Gresko
Jul 11, 2014 (Name not displayed) You pay all your life for insurance and, like me, never used it, and then when you need it they want to cancel it. There's something wrong with that system.
Jul 11, 2014 Julia Broad
Jul 11, 2014 Anne Solano
Jul 10, 2014 (Name not displayed)

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