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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 8,990
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While here in America we have excellent medical care when it comes to childbirth, women in third-world countries such as Afghanistan often don't have access to maternal care of any kind. Pregnancy can bring on complications that these women aren't properly prepared to address due to the lack of prenatal healthcare.

Providing Afghan women with midwife training and education could mean the preservation of more lives— both mothers and children. Sign the petition below asking Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, to lend her support to empowering Afghan women with the medical training that could save lives.

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Dear Director-General Margaret Chan,

Pregnancy and childbirth are supposed to be the most joyful and rewarding experiences of a woman's life, yet countless women in Afghanistan face just the opposite type of situation during pregnancy. Because of the poor health conditions in the region, women suffer horribly when it comes to prenatal care.

We can help Afghan women sustain peaceful pregnancies and bear healthy children by providing willing citizens with midwife medical training. By empowering women with the skills and knowledge to care for others during pregnancy, we can reduce the need for doctors whose services are needed elsewhere while still providing pregnant women with quality treatment. In doing this we can also ensure that less women will experience complications and death during childbirth.

Please work toward educating Afghan women in midwife care so that more of them have the chance to survive and prosper during and after childbirth.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Sep 17, 2017 Patricia Chambers
Sep 12, 2017 Melanie Chischilly a good midwife is ALL most need for a safe pregnancy and delivery.
Sep 6, 2017 Aude Mongiatti
Sep 2, 2017 Lonnie Ward
Aug 29, 2017 Sarah Thao
Aug 29, 2017 Gil Hackel
Aug 28, 2017 Annita Mason
Aug 22, 2017 Inês Correia
Aug 18, 2017 Amy Chevalier
Aug 17, 2017 Jen vonSchlieder
Aug 16, 2017 Paola Moretti
Aug 15, 2017 Amanda Treffert
Aug 14, 2017 John Horn
Aug 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 11, 2017 Christine Gutkowski
Aug 11, 2017 Dunja Srdanovic
Aug 11, 2017 Melissa Bird
Aug 8, 2017 melissa suarez
Aug 7, 2017 AniMae Chi
Aug 7, 2017 Robin Shepard
Aug 7, 2017 Lily Dayan Cimadoro
Aug 2, 2017 choky alvarez
Aug 2, 2017 Juliet Castille
Aug 2, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 1, 2017 Diana Monks
Jul 31, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jul 25, 2017 Alanna Reuben
Jul 25, 2017 Laura Altman
Jul 19, 2017 Fern Swecker
Jul 19, 2017 Sue Jackson
Jul 19, 2017 Aila Niemitukia
Jul 13, 2017 Amy Agzarian the best way to help countries with social progress is to empower the women and get them resources and education to open their minds and understand what is possible, please do the right thing to make this happen
Jul 11, 2017 Marilyn Santos
Jul 9, 2017 Bonnie Gallik
Jul 6, 2017 Barbara Jack
Jul 6, 2017 Suzette Henderson
Jul 6, 2017 Brian Reynolds
Jul 5, 2017 Kristi L. Meccia
Jul 5, 2017 james devine
Jun 29, 2017 Elizabeth Lee
Jun 29, 2017 Eva Sandhammar
Jun 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 24, 2017 Miriam Feehily
Jun 23, 2017 paul siemering
Jun 23, 2017 Susannah Gelbart
Jun 15, 2017 GENE NATALE Every woman deserves quality prenatal care. Every newborn child is a gift from God.
Jun 15, 2017 Liz Anderson
Jun 15, 2017 Teresa Silha
Jun 12, 2017 Léa Le Brizaut
Jun 9, 2017 Beth Smith

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