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Sponsored by: The Breast Cancer Site

Would you willingly bring toxic chemicals into your home? If the answer is no, you may want to reconsider which kinds of household cleaners and air fresheners you are using. Many household products we use every day actually contain harmful chemicals like galaxolide and tonalide — two substances that have been linked to breast cancer cells, hormone disruption, and environmental pollution.

These chemicals are used to add fragrance to the products, but instead of increasing the quality, they only add to the dangers of using the products. The only way to get the companies who manufacture these cleaners and air fresheners to listen is to refuse to purchase their products until they begin to show regard for human health and the environment.

Write to SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble asking them to heed the wishes of their consumers and stop using harmful chemicals in their products.

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Dear SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble:

It's time your companies stop using chemicals that are having harmful implications for humans and the environment. Galaxolide and tonalide are two substances that, when they enter the body, are proven to build up in cells and produce adverse effects. Not only can traces of these chemicals be found in blood and breast milk, but they also have been linked to hormone problems and even breast cancer.

In addition, tonalide and galaxolide are not easily broken down and, much like in humans, do not disintegrate easily into the environment.

For the sake of human health and the future of our environment, please stop using tonalide and galaxolide in your products immediately!

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Jul 16, 2018 Terri Springer
Jul 16, 2018 Kate Noble
Jul 16, 2018 jovita diaz
Jul 16, 2018 Brigid Garroni Your bottom line will be worthless when you've poisoned the whole world and yourselves in the bargain!
Jul 16, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 16, 2018 Gerrie Knapik
Jul 16, 2018 Michele Saul
Jul 16, 2018 Michelle Schwantes
Jul 16, 2018 Jesus Montealegre
Jul 16, 2018 Sophie Benger
Jul 16, 2018 Ione Atkinson
Jul 16, 2018 Adriana Hudson
Jul 15, 2018 Maria Orobitg
Jul 15, 2018 Rachel Govender
Jul 15, 2018 Yvette Staelin
Jul 15, 2018 Monika Zimaniova
Jul 15, 2018 vanessa schempers
Jul 15, 2018 Fawn Mcconnell
Jul 15, 2018 giorgio martin
Jul 15, 2018 Katherina Barrera
Jul 15, 2018 Aileen Lagu
Jul 15, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2018 Lori Masterson
Jul 15, 2018 Willis Sutliff
Jul 15, 2018 Sherrie Shown
Jul 15, 2018 Monique McIntyre
Jul 15, 2018 Stacie Wooley
Jul 15, 2018 Thilo Kumar
Jul 15, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2018 mARY c
Jul 15, 2018 Nataliya Bokatanova
Jul 15, 2018 Carla Sitar
Jul 15, 2018 Trygg Lieng
Jul 15, 2018 Jackie Byrd
Jul 15, 2018 TRUDY NICKOLS
Jul 15, 2018 Shannon horton
Jul 15, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2018 Tracy Wood
Jul 15, 2018 Amanda Lynch
Jul 15, 2018 Judith Elliott
Jul 15, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 15, 2018 Nancy Schwall
Jul 15, 2018 Ann Felicetti
Jul 15, 2018 Susan Phillips
Jul 15, 2018 Melissa Sigman
Jul 15, 2018 Cheryl Smith
Jul 15, 2018 Carol Bartold
Jul 15, 2018 jeff Levicke
Jul 15, 2018 Katherine Kautz

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