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Would you willingly bring toxic chemicals into your home? If the answer is no, you may want to reconsider which kinds of household cleaners and air fresheners you are using. Many household products we use every day actually contain harmful chemicals like galaxolide and tonalide — two substances that have been linked to breast cancer cells, hormone disruption, and environmental pollution.

These chemicals are used to add fragrance to the products, but instead of increasing the quality, they only add to the dangers of using the products. The only way to get the companies who manufacture these cleaners and air fresheners to listen is to refuse to purchase their products until they begin to show regard for human health and the environment.

Write to SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble asking them to heed the wishes of their consumers and stop using harmful chemicals in their products.

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Dear SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble:

It's time your companies stop using chemicals that are having harmful implications for humans and the environment. Galaxolide and tonalide are two substances that, when they enter the body, are proven to build up in cells and produce adverse effects. Not only can traces of these chemicals be found in blood and breast milk, but they also have been linked to hormone problems and even breast cancer.

In addition, tonalide and galaxolide are not easily broken down and, much like in humans, do not disintegrate easily into the environment.

For the sake of human health and the future of our environment, please stop using tonalide and galaxolide in your products immediately!

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Jan 12, 2018 Maria Rainho
Jan 12, 2018 Debbie Drong
Jan 7, 2018 thomas friedman
Jan 6, 2018 Barb Wilkin
Jan 6, 2018 Sarah Robbins
Jan 4, 2018 Andrew Williams
Jan 3, 2018 Jennifer Law
Jan 3, 2018 Christopher Porter Live up to your public responsibilities, and stop poisoning people and the environment, just for profit.
Jan 3, 2018 robin Eldridge
Jan 3, 2018 Janet & Jon Burrows
Jan 3, 2018 Teresa Cruz-Wortman
Jan 3, 2018 Susan Diller
Jan 3, 2018 Orysia Dagney
Jan 2, 2018 s w
Dec 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 22, 2017 David Tracy
Dec 21, 2017 Mauricio Ross
Dec 15, 2017 Mariah Oyondi
Dec 14, 2017 teresa kravitz
Dec 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 5, 2017 Cindy Lynch
Dec 5, 2017 Vickie McAlister
Dec 5, 2017 John Atkins
Dec 5, 2017 Leyah Fredericks
Dec 1, 2017 michele thyne
Dec 1, 2017 Carol Henderson
Nov 26, 2017 Amy McKeon
Nov 25, 2017 Stacey Govito
Nov 25, 2017 Alysa Waring
Nov 19, 2017 Joseph Braus
Nov 17, 2017 Paul Statman
Nov 8, 2017 Angela Clarke
Nov 7, 2017 Jodi Abel
Nov 7, 2017 Terri Lynch
Nov 7, 2017 Pamela Llewellyn
Nov 7, 2017 Jacqueline Roberts
Nov 6, 2017 Gladys Wall
Nov 2, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 1, 2017 christine taulbee
Oct 31, 2017 LOUISE MOORE
Oct 31, 2017 Elsie Brooks
Oct 31, 2017 Jan Maxwell
Oct 31, 2017 Teresa Kohl
Oct 31, 2017 Kathryn Gallagher
Oct 27, 2017 Deborah Moore
Oct 26, 2017 bobbette bross
Oct 25, 2017 Kimberly Wallace
Oct 17, 2017 Heidi Wollum
Oct 17, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 16, 2017 Maria Henry

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