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Please get a mammogram and do self breast exams!!!

The day this picture was taken I was given my diagnosis that the lump I found on March 2, 2014 was indeed breast cancer. I had no idea that my husband had arranged with all my kids so that they would be there for this surprise family photo. It was just supposed to be for our church directory. That day was one of the happiest days of my life, 2 words "it's cancer" wasn't going to steal my joy. I got to go with my daughter and see my grandson kicking around, ninja style. Then visited my son in law at work to show him the ultrasound pictures. Then we got these portraits done. Then I got to enjoy a rare occasion...having dinner with all my kids at the same time. We had so much fun laughing and enjoying each other. This day is definitely one of my favorite memories.

I was told that I would have to start chemo immediately and had a port put in. Chemo scared me more than the cancer. I asked everybody I knew to pray for NO CHEMO or RADIATION. When I finally saw my oncologist for the first time she decided to run the oncotype test...probably because I was triple positive. It came back under 18 which determined that chemo would not work for my tumor. On May 21st I had a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy and on Sept 24th I had reconstruction. I am now cancer free and on tamoxifen for the next 5-7 yrs. I am grateful for the doctors that God put in my path and the prayer warriors that prayed without ceasing. When I found the lump my husband asked for an alter call to pray over me and God told me I would be OK & I am.

Lisa Hatfield
Sevierville, TN

My worst nightmare came true....

Hi! My name is Dot .... September 2014 I found a lump in my right breast went to see my doctor who sent me for mammogram and ultrasound after that was told I would have to have a biopsy which was done on 9/26 and I got the call on 9/29 it was Invasive ductal carcinoma ER/PR and Her2 positive and because of the size of it they are saying Stage 2....I cried...OH how I cried....My Mother died of breast cancer in 2006...she had a long hard fight....I miss her terrible.... she had found something in her breast...but ignored it for a long time....and when she finally said something she was already Stage 4....she had chemo radiation and a radical mastectomy....lived another 10 years cancer free...then it came back with a vengeance in her lungs liver and bones....and took my dear Mother..... she was first diagnosed at age 50..... but they said her cancer probably began when she was about 44.....well I had feared my 44th birthday coming since I found that out.....GUESS WHAT...I turned 44 on 9/16!!! BUT I found my lump and immediately had it checked and they have made sooo many advances in breast cancer care....and have THE BEST doctors taking care of me....and an incredible amount of support behind me. It is going to be a long road Chemo first to shrink then surgery then more chemo and radiation and hormone therapy.

I have a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children...Merri 17 Alli 10 Tori 8 and Cole 6 I NEED to survive because of them....I WILL survive because of them!!! I also have 5 sisters and a brother who have been fierce in their support!!! oh my goodness you would think they were fighting my fight for me.... I also have an INCREDIBLE ARMY of friends who have also been fighting this fight with me...I am so thankful for all the support I am getting...It helps so much to know I am not alone...and it helps me to keep a positive attitude!!

I can and will beat this!!! I have to!!!

Dot Chuckran
Brockton, MA

My story till now

My name is Tanya and this is my story. in January of 2014 I was doing a self exam like I always do in the shower, found a knot that wasn't supposed to be there. called the Dr. was told I couldn't get in till march. On march 24th the Dr. told me that yes I did have a lump, so she set me up for a mammogram. On April 2nd I went in for the mammo and an ultrasound, they found the lump and immediately set me up for a biopsy. April 8th had the biopsy. On April 22nd got the dreaded call from the Dr. that yes it is Cancer. May 9th had surgery Dr. thought he got it all turns out he didn't get all the margins, so had another surgery on June 10th. On July 1st got real sick went to hospital and turns out I had an infection in my breast. The Drs. put a drain in and put me on antibiotics that it turns out I'm allergic to.

By the grace of God I found the lump, the Drs. told me it and the other one they found the day of the first surgery were only about 5mm so I shouldn't have been able to feel them. I am now 5 months cancer free, I have chosen not to have the radiation or the pill, because I have a 10 year old daughter who has epilepsy, and she needs her mama. The bad side effects outweigh the benefits. My wonderful husband who is also disabled has been my rock through this whole thing. I thank God every day for bringing him into my life 23 years ago.

So for all you survivors and all who are still going through this horrible ordeal, just remember you can do this.

Tanya Turk
Golden Valley, AZ

My Mom, My hero

The day my mom first let me feel the lump in her breast, was one of the worst days of my life. I say one of, because there were many more over the next twelve years of her battle. It was late in the year 1999 on that horrible day and by that time she had waited way too long from the first day she felt it start growing and when she told me. You see, my mother NEVER went to the doctor. She never had her yearly mammograms or pap tests or anything. She had this big medical book that she diagnosed herself from. So, she immediately started telling me she thought it was this or that kind of tumor and I told her I didn't care she was seeing a doctor! And so it began. I got her an appointment with a doctor who sent her to a surgeon and the next thing you know, I am waiting to hear if the biopsy was cancerous or not. Of course it was, but my mother just smiled and said, "Well, let's get rid of it then. And I'm glad it's not one of you girls". So the chemo started.

After several rounds of chemo and radiation, she was cancer free. For 4 1/2 years. Then it started coming back. It came back in her bones first. So she had chemo. It came back in her liver. She had chemo. It was in her lungs. More chemo. One time it was in her bone, liver, and lungs at the same time. For 12 long years my mother had chemo. Her Oncologist said she was the best patient. And she never gave up. She was so brave. She had neuropathy so bad in her legs , caused by the chemo, that she finally could not walk so she went to a nursing home to do rehab. But things went downhill there and she was gone in a couple of weeks. She was 68 when she first got breast cancer and 81 when she died. My mom, my hero. I miss you.

Cindy Eck Buckskin
Muskogee, OK


My name is Loretta Hudson and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct. 20, 2014. I went for a follow-up, had a mammogram and ultrasound. I was ask to come back for needle biopsy on Thursday, Oct. 23rd. On Oct. 27 I received the phone call from my dr. office to say unfortunately the biopsy result was cancer. It was Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). It was horrible news. I cried and had to inform my husband, children and family members. It was a tough day. Then I determined that I had to rely on my Heavenly Father, because after all, he is in control. I had unbelievable support from my family, work and church. People seemed to come out of the woodwork with prayer and unwavering support for me.

I went to surgery on Nov. 18, 2014, with 15 people waiting in the surgical waiting area.

Friday, Nov. 20, 2014, I received a phone call from my surgeon that the pathology report from surgery had come back and the report was clean!!

Praise God, he brought me through. Early detection is definitely the key and anyone that's thinking about putting off your mammogram, I would advise you not to. PLEASE GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!!!! I had no pain and no lump, it could only be detected by mammogram.

So long story short, I got the diagnosis on Oct. 20, 2014 and received the call from my surgeon on Nov. 20, 2014 that I was cancer free!!!

Loretta Hudson
Pasadena, CA

Keep the faith

It was November of 2012, my sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer and I was overdue for my mammogram...so I went. What was the chances of me having breast cancer, right? No wrong. I remember sitting at the kitchen table....cutting up peppers when I Got the call from my Dr. I had gone for a biopsy still thinking nothing was wrong because I felt no lumps....but I heard the words...you have cancer. I listened to the Dr..telling me my options. After hanging up the phone, I didn't cry, I didn't say why me...I went to my room, got on my knees and prayed to God to be with me through this journey. The cancer was so small it was almost undetected,,,but thanks to God it was. My sister and I did treatments together, lost hair together, was sick together, and laughed together....8 rounds of chemo, 36 radiatin treatments. The support of the most amazing Children in the whole wide world, who were at every treatment and was with me as I went thru...and an awesome husband who told me I was beautiful even when I didn't feel it... My family and Facebook friends encouraged me every step of the way through...and my Father in Heaven who held my hand and touched me with his healing power. whew...what more can I say. Last week got my mammogram, all clear, all good..it wasn't easy. But God carried the weight and I am grateful. Don't think because you don't feel anything you are ok....get your mammograms ladies...it can save your life...it did mine...

Saint louis, MO

Never a Doubt

My name is Cynthia and my journey started in January 2014. In self examination I felt a hard mass in my left breast. I knew it was cancer before diagnosis, however, me and my girls were celebrating our 60th birthdays with a trip to South Africa in March, so I chose to wait till I returned to have it checked. Upon return from this awesome trip, I went to my PCP and told her about the mass. She sent me for mammogram immediately, and needle biopsy which confirmed my suspicion. When they told me that I had breast cancer, my response was "I know, now let's get it out". My Oncologist had to laugh. Not surviving never entered my mind. I had a 60th birthday party with a DJ, dance instructor and the whole nine yards. I knew the rest of the year was going to be rough. I endured 8 rounds of chemo. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. It took me down to a level I never knew. Losing my hair was not trauma to me. Hair will grow back and I kind of like this new style. I survived and celebrated the last round in August. I had a lumpectomy and bilateral breast reduction in October. Something good comes out of every aspect of life. I had humongous Boobs and was more than happy to give up 2/3 of them. I am now scheduled to have 33 rounds of radiation and I will be done. My God is Awesome. My hair is growing back beautifully and I wake up every mornng praising God for being here and for feeling better than I every have. I think sometimes we have to go through something to appreciate what we sometimes take for granted.

Cynthia Flowers
Atlanta, GA

Story of Faith

my name Pam and I'm 42 years old. I was diagnosed with stage 2 her2 in June 2014 on my 15th wedding anniversary. I just finished chemo and I'm getting ready for surgery in December. Over the last five months I've grown deeper in my relationship with God and my husband. God has been faithful to me and my family. He has given me strength to fight this and show my teenage daughter to never give up. I'm so thankful to my family, friends and my church. I'm still on the road to fight this and have a long way to go but having God right by me is what's making my journey worth it. I pray that each person reading this gives glory to God. I'm praying for all my sisters..

Pamela Stephens
Fresno, CA

My mother is Wonder Woman

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2013 right before I was expecting my second child's birth. Torn and confused we began this journey together, I was her and still am her biggest fan and supporting system. To me breast cancer, or any cancer is not just a fight for the one affected because we are all affected. We, the supporters, are what keeps them fighting. My mother had her right breast removed, then this year the cancer has spread and is affecting many other parts of her body. My mother lives in constant pain and even though I am now 3600 miles away from her I am still hand in hand with her fighting for the day her light shines through. Shes a tough woman, and I will be home soon. Even after her doctors told her she will never work again, and that this was going to get her, she has NEVER stopped believing in me and me in her. Nothing matters more than her continuous effort. She is my heroin, and we will never give up. Every day shes in pain, but that pain just gives her more of a reason to push on through this for that day shes no longer in pain. I love her so much and am SO proud of her.. shes not letting this get her down. ♡

Kaitlyn Miller
Bee spring, KY

It was not easy but I made

So I do I begin well July 5,2013 I go to the E.R. My breast had a lumb and they run some tests on me .when they were finish I was told I had to see a specialize . So on July 8 I go see a see the doc and long and be hold was not good . He told me I had to get a biooply done . So on July 10 I got my bio done . Waiting to find out what was going on was driving me crazy . So on July 15 I go back to the doc office wow I was in shock when I was told I had breast cancer . I CRYED so hard I just forgot everything . The dic give me a min to catch myself . He told me my options so I went with taking it off the whole breast .So in Aug I had my surgery . It was not easy losing a breast but I did it . I had a month to heal and the following month Oct I started CHEMO . WELL LET'S JUST SAY CANCER DIDNT KILL ME CHEMO ALMOST DID. I had 6 months of chemo I was a stage 4 cancer . The only help I had was my family and some friends to help me fight this . Every time I got chemo I would end up in the hospital for a week . I am bless to still be alive Amen . Am still not done yet I still have a few more surgery to go . I will come back and let you know how I am doing . God bless you all.

Kissimmee, FL
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