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My Journey

My journey began in December 2013 I had moved a refrigerator for my daughter in law in moving the refrigerator it fell on me bruising both biceps severely about a week later I was eating supper and spilled something on me I realized I had a sore area on my left breast thinking it was from the refrigerator I made a doctors appointment anyway when I went to the doctor he sent me for a mammogram which they also did a sonogram on the same day they call me back to schedule for a biopsy after the biopsy we went on vacation we were gone 10 days upon returning I went for my follow up when I was diagnosed called every day to find out the results the but I had to wait until I got back when I got back I was diagnose with stage 3 breast cancer tripple negative on January 29th i had a lumpectomy I have had 2 sessions 12 weeks each of chemo and 34 treatments of radiations which i am half way through I am a fighter and believe in my heart I do have this beat

Violet Gibbs
Dade City, FL

keeping faith through everything

My story started in 2008. My son was 15 months old and after putting off my mammogram I decided I needed to go ahead and get one. I was the last patient in the waiting room that day after my mammogram and I thought that was strange. The radiologist called me into the office and showed me a spot on the mammogram. I went from that to a needle biopsy to a lumpectomy then chemo and radiation. I was placed on tamoxifen but in 2011 it came back. I had a double mastectomy on my son's 4th birthday. It was stage 4. I then had it come back in the skin on my left side and had to undergo a latissimus flap. I have been cancer free since 2012 however after being radiated 2 times over my heart and the heart damage that occurred from being on Herceptin I had a quadruple bypass in November 2013. I know God is in charge and is healing me every time something happens and I also have the best oncologist. You wake up everyday pray and leave it in God's hands. My husband has been my best cheerleader.

Laurie Harner
Lake Wales, FL

My Mom

I can write for days about how wonderful my mom is. But there is a limit on words. So I will keep it short and sweet. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990. My mom had a lumpectomy and underwent radiation treatments without missing a day of work. My mom was recently diagnosed again with an invasive ductal carcinoma of the same breast. My mom will undergo a bilateral mastectomy on October 14th and will need chemotherapy. My mom is my world. My mom is my rock. Please pray my mom is OK.

Mary Jude Ulmer
Carbondale, PA

Still surerving BreastCancer.....

It was in 2003 when I was dianose with breastcancer... I didnt feel any lumps but I felt like a harding muscle that it wasnt right in my left breast..I told a friend she said that I should have it checked out so I did.. I hadnt had a mammogram and I was 47yrs old.. Went to Dr. and she schelduled a mammogram... with in that week .And got a letter in the mail saying it was abnormal mammogram...I was in a daze.. From there it snowed balled....Took a ultrasound and I knew something was wrong... I then searched breastcancer on the web and what to look for in your breast sure enough I had that indention under the breast so I knew I had breast cancer!!!! I went to a surgeon had two biopsy... I had stage 1 I had a lempectomy and had lympnode removal but they came back postive ..So no now I had to remove my left breast... So the day before surgery my left side of my neck was hurting so I told the Dr.. The day of surgery she comes out and says that ,that area was cancer tooo.. Instead of having stage one I had stage 3c with two types of cancer in my breast..Dr. told my family my survioral wasnt good!!!! But I was a fighter I was going to fight until the end!! Went through harsh chemo and 7wks of radiation!! Lost my HAIR I looked like uncle Lurch from the Adams family when taking all the steriods... But I survived it...I was 11 years cancer free but I got breast cancer again in 2014 inFeb.. Wow!! But now I have to fight even harder and I wont give up!!! I have mestastic Breast cancer stage 4.. I have gone thru radiation again for the tumor in my neck that was cancer and chemo again!!! But Dr. says theres no cure for what I have.. But you know I have been responding to my new treatment and my cancer markers are going down!!! I have bone cancer and lung cancer..FIGHTER VAL!!!

valerie ortega
visalia, CA


kathie easton is my mom that i love she is great she is

in her eightis and is a breast cancer survivor we have to keep a list

everyday so we know were she is going . because mom is always

going out with her teacher friends and church friends .mom is great

and loveing everyone who knows her loves my mom love sue easton

sue easton
Las Vegas, NV

lisas story

My story begins in dec 2009 I found a lump in my armpit , I had visited the doctors 6 times every time I was told it was a cyst and to come back in a month if it was still there.

The 6th time (6 months) I was referred to the hospital for a biopsy my results came back and the awful news was it was cancer and by the time I waited to be seen it had spread to my breast.

I had a radical mastectomy , chemo, radiotheropy then reconstruction I was cancer free for 5yrs this yr .

Two weeks ago I got the awful news it was back im not dwelling on it just yet as im awaiting an opp and im going to beat this again im also doing a charity night for stand up for cancer .

Lisa King
Manchester, United Kingdom

Lucky Girl

No one ever expects to hear “you have cancer”. I never thought this pertained to me. For all intents and purposes, I didn’t think I fit into the category. No family history, healthy lifestyle, I nursed for YEARS. I did everything right and learned I was not exempt after all. Anyone who has heard the “C” word has a fight. Some battles are more trepidatious and a struggle than others. My fight was minor in comparison to what it could have been and I know it. I AM LUCKY! After almost 10 months after hearing those words, surgeries healing, daily treatments completed and medications for the next 5 -7 years, I am filled with nothing but gratitude knowing it wasn’t what it could have been. I will take it. THIS COMES FROM EARLY DETECTION. Don’t delay, if you are late – make an appointment and get checked. If you feel something is not right, speak, yell and shout until you are heard. And remember, the best defense is a good offense. You are worth it and no one is exempt, just some luckier than others.

Kathie Smith
Jamestown, NC

couldn't believe my luck

I found a lump in my right breast in December 2011 when to drs they sent me for mammogram and scan got told nothing wrong by Bedford hospital three weeks later asked for a second opinion went to Cambridge hospital git told I had breast cancer it was a shock my partner of 24 years didn't even give me a cuddle or say anything now I have it again and I'm dreading it because I no I won't get any help or support from my partner or family some days I wish I was dead and free from pain

Bedfordshire, AL

Never get complacent

I was diagnosed in 2007 with Breast Cancer Stage 1 - Grade 8 and was told it was extremely close to the bone but my mastectomy and six months of chemo and three months of radiation gave me 7 years of clear blood tests. Late last year and early this year i began to have similar symptoms to the first time, always at the doctor and course after course of Antibiotics not working.

After our dream cruise to Hawaii to celebrate our 40th anniversary i went back to my doctor and told her the cancer was back - i knew it inside me but there was no way i was not going to Hawaii with my husband who had planned it with precision and absolutely spoilt me rotten.

My oncologist was in shock as i had seen him in February and the bloods were telling him nothing although i knew something was different, by April my eye was drooping i had pneumonia and a lump in my neck. Immediately he had me shipped off for a biopsy the same day and on instinct he did a bone scan, and two cat scans and heart scan.

The results showed i was now in Stage 4, with the cancer having moved into my lymphatic system, and just in the lung, the shock for me was that it was in the bone and very extensively, throughout the skeleton. That was not new and must have been there the whole seven years. Now we are mid chemotherapy and its rough, the hair fell out i look like an alien, i have been blessed to work from home and as you see in the picture sometimes the pain is bad and this is the only way i can work, this is my mobile office - my corner of the world for now.

I am fighting, with my team of warriors, led by my husband who is amazing, my children, my team at work, my boss, and my prayer warriors around the world. Together we will beat this - again God willing. Amen.

Odette Metcalfe
Lephalale, South Africa

I have more strength than what i knew i had!

I had always feared breast cancer since my maternal grandmother suffered through this, although she survived cancer and died from other unrelated illnesses. at 48, May 2014, I decided it was time to face my fears and go do my baseline mammo. As i waited in the waiting room the technician advised the Rad dr. wanted another pic of my right breast due to it was very dense and it seemed i had some microcalcifications. Second shot confirmed that indeed i needed a biopsy as the microcalcs were suspicious. there...i was already terrified and knew something was about to change my life. June 9, i had stereotactic biopsy, not good experience..turned out this came back with atypical cells but no definite answer. Sept. 5, 2014, Dr. did an excisional biopsy and the results were DCIS..ductal carcinoma in Situ, positive margins, positive for Estrogen and progesterone, not bad news but not greatest either. I just had an MRI yesterday Oct. 3, 2014, 3 days short of my 49th bday and will be sceduled for a lumpectomy before end of this month. Long story short,, we have more strength and courage than we think we have! Im not scared anymore, im just grateful to God that it was caught and i am being cared for. Ive been cared for at the Mount Sinai Breast Cancer center and the Dr. is an angel and everyone else from their team are very compassionate and super friendly. God puts angels to care for us! Bless every single women that like me are Survivors!!!

barby diaz
miami, FL
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