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My Mother My HERO

Never once did she complain she fought the fight and in all our eyes she won the race.

Six long years of fighting HER 2+ breast cancer we sadly said goodbye to the most amazing strong positive and inspirational woman in our lifes however since we where taken on this journey our mother has given and tought us so very much she has left the most wonderful gift behind that we never could have imagined..... her traits a different one in all her children meaning she will live on forever not only in out hearts but also in us!!!

Life is not forever Love is ❤️❤️❤️

Chanelle Fanning
Dublin, Ireland

About my story

My name is Ashlynn and I am 21 years old. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She was automatically diagnosed with stage three because it was in her lymph nodes. She had multiple surgery and treatments. She had her lymph nodes removed. Her cancer came back a few weeks letter... & by that time we knew it was terminal. It spread to the bones, spine, and then the liver. At this point it was stage. She fouhgt through every appointment and treatment. She fought her battle for three years & fought it strong. Sadly on 01/07/2014 she lost her batle to breast cancer. I lost my best friend that day. She was so strong & you would never here her complain. Until her last day all she was concerned about was others. I miss her every second of everyday and I am finding it hard to move forward. I am just going to keep paying and hoping they find a cure, even if it was to late for my mom... Thank you for listening to my story.

grand junction, CO

My Story

I'm 38yrs old a mother of two a 16yr old son and 3yr old daughter I am very pettite 5'2 110lbs with overall good health no family history of breast cancer I was diagnosed with breast cancer invasive ducal carcinoma grade 3 stage 2

I first discovered a lump in my right breast in December 2013 after seeing my PCP had mammogram and ultrasound then immediately biopsy had 3 in right breast and 2 in left a total of 5 biopsy done in one day results came back in 3 days on a Friday due to weekend had to wait until Monday was given results cancer in my right breast had genetic testing done came back negative had MRI done I made the decision to have a double mastectomy just had a bilateral simple mastectomy done with tissue expanders for breast reconstructive February 18 2013 had 11 lymph nodes removed in left breast and 18 removed in right breast I have lymphedema in my right arm pathology report showed cancer in my lymph nodes in right will have to start chemo will have a port inserted this is my story it's my pleasure to share it and I hopes it helps anyone who just started or going thru my same situation we got this and we will overcome

with the help of my father The Lord my God, a excellent group of doctors and support group of family, friends, church and others I am blessed and will remain positive

Arlington, TX

My Breast Cancer Story- A Message of Hope

Hi, My name is Brande Wilkerson. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Jan 2014 at 39 years of age. I have been married for 16 years and have 2 daughters.I work as a Creator Director, Artist, Designer & Photographer. I am out of Arkansas I also work as Creative Web Marketing Editor for Fashion Faces Magazine. So naturally I processed my emotions for this life changing ordeal through my photography, design & art. I have a series I have created for this called. "My Breast Cancer Story-A Message of Hope." I would love to share to encourage others going through this or have gone through it.

Thank you for the chance to connect and share my story of hope & encouragement with others. We all need it in all mediums!

Brande Wilkerson
Austin, AR

I'm a Survivor...Glory to God

January 15, 2013 is a day I will never forget, I received the news that my biopsy was positive for stage 2 Breast Cancer, Tears began to flow and all I can think of was "I'm to Young and I want children, and what about my Husband", Fear began to take over, but God is so good, my house began to fill up with family and friends who prayed and gave positive words of strength, My Mom and her Sister are survivors, so with them by my side, I began to fight, God has blessed me with a supportive family, friends , and church, I had great Doctor's from Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, IL. I had 8 section of Chemotherapy, and 33 Treatments of Radiation, To God be the Glory, I'm a Survivor, this journey was not easy but I Learned so much and my Faith was mad stronger, and my love for my Husband , family , friends,and church grow stronger, I give my testimonies every were I go. I FOUND MY OWN LUMP DURING A SELF BREAST EXAM, please ladies check u r self , do mamo, ultra sound, and MRI early detection Is the best. KEEP a positive attitude and have Faith, All things work for the Good , for those who believe, God will get u through and your journey can help others God Bless all my Fighters and Survivors , PAULA PEREZ.

Paula Perez
East Chicago, IN

I could not beleive it

I was recently diagnosed wit stage 1. Breast cancer. I am 30 years old mother of 1. I could not beleive my biopsy tested positive for invasive ductal carcinoma. I will be undergoing a mastectomy in two weeks at the recommendation of my oncologist. I hope to have a full recovery with no chemo or radiation. I hope my story encourages other young women to do self exams no matter your age as breast cancer comes to us at any time. Posting my story on this site will hopefully bring me support and maybe tips on what to expect after surgery. To all those going thru this like me fight fight fight ......god bless

Jessica Acosta
Belleville, NJ

My moms story

Few months back my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. The immediate thought of even possibly losing her, brings me to my knees in tears and makes me surrender to God, and beg to make it all better. I pray each day for her treatment and progress to go as smooth as it can! As few months went by and I see how weak she's gotten from chemo, it breaks my heart seeing her suffering. I keep telling her I need her for many years to come, I keep reminding her that her three grand kids need their grandmother. Her last chemo coming up this Friday and then she will be taking her medication until she gets the surgery. I never thought much about my parents getting older, I seemed to take it for granted thinking they are eternal. This is a brutal reality check for myself. For those who are going through something similar, get well soon and for those who have lost a loved one due to cancer, may they rest in heaven and their family's have peace at heart. At difficult times like this I try my best to rely on our savior. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:33, 34 NIV)

Burbank, CA

Breast Cancer and Me

Daughter, Sister, Marine, Mother, Nurse, Survivor.......times two. Embrace the journey and believe there is something else that we need to learn or give to someone else. Breast cancer defines beauty is such a different perspective, it brings out the beauty of your soul. Cherish the fight, and make it the most passionate one you can. Breathe, Hope and Believe.

Monique Pichette
Fall River, MA

Stage 3 Breast Cancer and Brain Cancer

Hi! My name is Chelsea! Im 29 years old. I would love to tell my story. I found a lump in my left breast when i was pregnant with my son. I went and had it checked but got scared. I waited until to long after. It was in January of 2013 when it began to hurt and i went to the hospital. All they did was look at my breast and knew it was cancer. They sent me to a different hospital and they ran all the test they needed and came in and told me it was stage 3. Never in my life did i think it would be me. They started me on chemo right away. I did chemo every week until march of 2013. And on April 30 i have my first surgery to remove my left breast and all the cancer cell. Whdn i woke the doctor said i only had 3 live cells and he got them all. Then on May 1 i had my second surgery to put a thing called a flap on. It was a hard road but i made it through. I recovered from it all. So u could say i was cancer free. I started my chemo again and did the radiation. Then found out Dec 24 2013 i had brain cancer. January 2 2014 had brain surgery to remove the cancer. Twice in one year is very scary. But im still fighting to stay strong. Still doing chemo and about to start radiation again. This is my story!

Chelsea Dine
catoosa, OK

The Knock

I put my story in poetry...

"The Knock"

There came a knock upon my door that would not go away

When asked, "Who's there?" all I heard was, "cancer come and play!"

I threw myself against the door to lock it as tight as it could be

But cancer got in anyway and played inside of me

The time had come to wage a war that put me to the test

I knew right then that it was time to be my very best

The battle raged for twelve long months

cancer does not play fair

All I could do was fight as hard with chemo and no hair

I will admit that I was scared

I thought that I might die

cancer laughed and thought it won

But I was also pretty sly

I laughed and joked and fought each day

And cancer tried to hide

But I had love, my family and friends

Fighting by my side

I fought the cancer twelve long months

And got stronger every day

I now stand tall with all my hair

The cancer ran away

I am now an eight year survivor!!

Sue Gray
Bunker Hill, WV
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