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I belive in prayers and miracle! !

My jurney being before Christmas day on Monday 24 2014 .

I had apoitment with doctor, because I feel something in my left breast and I see some changes to. Then mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on Christmas day.God diagnosed in same day with cancer.

I did not ask God why, because i knew there is always a reason, i start crying and I was thinking how to say this to my family.

I pray and got home already with smile on a face. God help me in this situation.

I told my daughter & son I told them I may have cancer , and they said don't worry mom you strong, we will be with you. God will help us to go through this.

We had great celebration on Saturday it was our Family Christmas day !! We pray, laugh,open presents no one really knew what is going un with me, and I did not want to any one to know.

We had great time!!

My all family sister and 3 brothers always very supportive. And my husband is very helpful.

During one month I had 2 surgery on my left breast and they clear my mergers, so that means I had no cancer but they did test in my lump and there was spread to my lymph But have to go through chemo and all treatments .

First chemo was 2/26/15 and last chemo will be in 6/4/15

Had been going to soccer with my baby Max he is 9 and swim lessons for Kostya he is 13.

I love my kids they hugs me and kiss me i really going to be strong just for them. I love all my family and friends for their support, love,prayers, trail food ,visit flowers and there time.God bless them all.

And I belive in prayers and God miracles I want to tell everyone who is going through hard times our God do miracles we just need believe in him .With God all things is possible! !! Just be strong

portland, OR

Beating Breast Cancer

2010 my Sister was Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma & Oct2012 she lost her battle leaving behind her 3 young boys. Never once did I think 2 years later I would have a battle of my own. Aug. 2014 when applying body lotion on my left breast I felt a lump, called my Nurse Practitioner, she too could feel the lump which appeared like a cyst & due to me being low risk & my age.

My Husband & I enjoyed our 20 year anniversary. During this time my gut was telling me different, I felt obsessed with this lump.

Went back to the NP mid Sept, She then sent a Urgent Requisition for a screening.Had the screening,2 biopsy's,bone scan,CT Scan & PET Scan.

It felt like a whirl wind of appointments, barely time to think.

Mid Oct. with my Husband by my side we met with the NP to go over the pathology reports, as suspected the worst news you want to hear, Breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3, ER+ PR & HER2 -, Shed a few tears with the initial shock, flashed memory's of my Sister & wondered how do I tell the Family.

Surgery booked for November 26, I knew I was going to do everything I could, I had so much left to live for. Left breast removed, all 22 lymph nodes, the lump was 6.5cm & one tumor forming lymph node, 7 other nodes had cancerous cells.The margins were clear & hadn't spread, thankfully.

8 chemo, 4 A/C,4 taxol, last on May 19, 28 treatments of radiation June 22th-July 30th.

My Son & Nephew both graduate high school,& radiation in June,a busy beginning to my Summer,end July we can start the completion of breast reconstruction.

My Journey has changed my life,I look forward to enjoying each & every day, I can bring awareness to my Daughter that she can pass onto our 2 Granddaughters.

I won the lottery finding this breast cancer, I am alive.Thank you to all you Wonderful People for you stories, they've all been so inspirational,& thank you for hearing my Journey.

Logan Lake, BC, Canada



Gail Atwood
Vicksburg, MS

The blessing in disguise

I never imagined Jan 2014, at 34 I'd be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. April 2015 My scan came back clear of cancer.

10 days ago, I heard a similar diagnosis again, only this time it was in regards to Mama... It felt as if my heart stopped beating for mins when the surgeon was speaking. Then my heart was racing as if it was about to beat out my chest, I felt sick! How could this be? How can mama be diagnosed after God had just given us my victory a few weeks ago? I didn't think I could handle this, my heart was broken and my faith was weakened. But, the amazing thing is, while I was in a panic about Mama... She was standing on her FAITH that moved mountains. She was in front of me, courageous and more beautiful than ever. Mama's FAITH in God defeated the enemy and God had battled on her behalf. It was refreshing to hear mama speak on faith and what God had already done. After-all, it was in his plan that she wasn't feeling good earlier that day. God sent her to her doctor that morning, and the surgeon scheduled her for surgery that night, unaware that they would find a cancerous tumor while performing the initial surgery. Do you see God's blessing??? God knew they needed to remove cancer. God was already working it out, he had taken her cancer away before she knew she had it! I began to feel God's supernatural power, God had not given mama the spirit of fear... He gave her a sound mind. I have no idea how long Mother Dear was battling cancer(unknowingly)but, I know that this was a blessing in disguise. Mama was standing on faith and driving up and down the highway Chicago to Minnesota to help me through breast cancer treatment, Not knowing she had cancer in her body. Do you see the blessing?? As I sit here thinking, I'm in awe of this miracle of peace and healing. Isn't God amazing?!? My Mama is my HERO!! :)

Desha Delayne Martin
Lakeville, MN

My Journey - Living Life to its Fullest

When I was 39 I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. I had a lumpectomy with clean margins, 6 weeks of radiation and took Tamoxifen for 5 years. I was then declared “Cured”. 5 years ago I also started having pain in my knee. This was diagnosed as a herniated disc in my back. When that did not get better I was sent for an MRI. The MRI showed cancer growing on my vertebrae. This was confirmed in a biopsy. A CT scan and bronchoscopy showed cancer in my lung. I was initially diagnosed with Stage 4 long cancer. Another bronchoscopy, genetic testing and another biopsy later confirmed that it was not ling cancer but that my Stage 0 breast cancer had spread and was now Stage 4. I had my ovaries removed and started taking Arimadex. My cancer retreated. I made a commitment to be as healthy as I could be. I started eating clean. I started working out, running 5 Ks and running sprint triathlons. I lost over 60 pounds. Life was good. At the end of last year I had some questionable scan results. All follow up testing was negative so we decided to schedule new scans in 3 months instead of 6 months. In the meantime I developed an intermittent squeezing pain in the back of my head. I was told I do not have the type of breast cancer that normally spreads to the brain and all tests were negative. I persisted in getting to the bottom of the head pain and finally had an MRI that showed a 3 cm tumor at the back of my brain. 5 weeks ago I had emergency surgery to have the tumor removed. They were able to get it all. I came out of the surgery with no deficits. I have had stereotactic radiosurgery to eliminate any microscopic cells. I am leading full life and just waiting for the green light so I can start training for a 15K race in June and a sprit triathlon in August

Shari Viner
Deerfield, IL

I am blessed!

I remember the week of my diagnosis clearly. The week went by so fast and so slow at the same time. It all began on a Sunday night when I felt an unmistakably large lump in my right breast. The next morning I saw my doctor who then referred me for a mammogram and an ultrasound.

The next day I went in for the tests. After the mammogram and ultrasound, my husband and I were called into the doctor’s office where we were told that it looked very concerning and they wanted to do a biopsy. The biopsy was scheduled for later that day.

It was 3 long days later that I received the call. On November 14, 2014 I was diagnosed with ER/PR Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 3.

December 23 I had a bilateral mastectomy with a 15 lymph node dissection. My tumor was 8.5 cm, 5 lymph nodes testing positive for cancer.

I began chemo at the end of January. I had 4 rounds of the Adriamycin and Cytoxan, and I'm now on the Taxol which is 12 rounds once a week. I have ahead of me 8 more rounds of the Taxol, 5 weeks of radiation and finally reconstruction.

The last 7 months have been a roller coaster. There have been times of depression, anxiety, and fear, but mostly it has been a time of joy. I have been blessed beyond words. I am surrounded by family and friends who lovingly support me during this time. I am coming to the realization of what really is important. My family, my friends, and my faith in my Savior. I know that the Lord does not give us more than we can handle. I know that as long as I trust in Him that all things are possible. I no longer ask; why me anymore, but rather, what am I to learn from this, and how can I use what I learn to better myself and to serve others?

Aimee Losee
Cranberry Twp, PA

Our Mom, Our HERO

Peggy, our Mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 1, 2015. It's a day we will never forget. On May 8, 2015, she finished her 8th and final round of chemotherapy. This is another day we will never forget. She is now ready for her upcoming surgery and the rest of her healing journey. She is truly and inspiration to everyone who knows her. We are so proud of our Mom, our HERO!

Dana Peters
Destrehan, LA

Onwards and upwards..!

Today's date 6th May 2015

A year ago today I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer. The first time I cried that day was late at night lying in bed cuddling my little lady, wondering how on earth I was going to tell her.

The next morning I woke up and knew that I was going to do everything I needed to get through this for her.

With the help and support of all of my friends, family and the fantastic staff at Guys Hospital I got through the lumpectomy, the BRCA2 diagnosis, the chemo and the double mastectomy.

A year later I can thank my lucky stars that I'm still here, I can look back and say "I did it..!"

London, United Kingdom

My inspiration, my hero

My breast cancer story cannot be told without also sharing my granddaughter's story. I was diagnosed with stage 1b (HER2 positive) breast cancer in January 2013. My family gathered to celebrate the results of my pathology report following my second lumpectomy which showed I had clear margins and no lymph node involvement, we were ecstatic. But the joy was short lived when two days later my youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with stage 4 Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) which had metastasized to her lungs at only 17 months old. The tumor inside her liver was the size of a football. Suddenly my cancer felt like I had merely fallen and scraped my knee. My granddaughter became my inspiration and showed me what a real hero looks like. There could be no pity parties or complaints about the side effects of receiving chemo every three weeks when I watched her receive it every week and then go inpatient for the really serious chemo every three weeks. I never complained about my neuropathy when I watched my granddaughter holding the hospital wall and limping without complaint on her way to the Ronald MacDonald room to play. And I never complained about my loss of hair when she lost her beautiful red hair ahead of mine. She had no fear, she didn't even know that this was not the way life is supposed to be! She underwent two six hour surgeries, one to remove 60% of her liver and her gall bladder (the cancer had spread there too) and the other for a biliary reconstruction to repair a bile leak. After ten days in intensive care and a week at home she could squat to her heels and stand back up like every other toddler. She underwent a second regimen of chemo, more intense than the first, and the spots on her lungs vanished. She had a 100% chance of losing some or all of her hearing from the chemo and she lost none. My granddaughter showed me how to not just be a Survivor but also a can do it too!

Cheryl C.
Albany, NY

This is my story

One year ago today I went to Lewis Gale with my girls Crystal and Mary. We all had pink hair fresh nails, I even had daisies on my toes. I checked in waiting on this faze to start. I don't remember anything from surgery but I remember going into my room finding them girls napping in my bed (that was great). I was lucky after having my mastectomy only staying one day. When Crystal took me home she got me settled in then went after my meds. Crystal took me to doctor visits, changed bandages, repack winds when needed, brought me dinner, washed my hair when needed and so many more things while taking care or her own house, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and her hubby. Crystal helped me sooo much for months and still does. I could NEVER thank her enough!

After healing up I got my port and started chemotherapy. That made for long days and feeling exhausted for weeks/months. Yes Crystal did what she could to help. I remember about week after first treatment having a hand full of hair, I don't know why but I was a mess....Crystal came running and with her support I shave my head.

Now this is me a year later and I'm still rocking...yeahhhh Happy Anniversary to me

Roanoke, VA
California Casual Shorts
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