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Celebrate My Life

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006 and am lucky now to be a survivor. I finished all my cancer drugs in December 2014 and am grateful that I found my breast lump in time and for the fantastic doctors, nurses who had the expertise to save me. I started singing and writing songs when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and recently won 6 commendations for my songs in the UK Songwriting Competition which was judged by well known songwriters and producers. Here's one of my songs, "Celebrate My Life". I wrote this about trying every day not to take things for granted and to enjoy the life that I have been given to the full.

Louise Barron
Inverness, United Kingdom

My Mother - My Hero

Hello :) I just wanted to share a photo of my breast cancer tattoo. My mother was diagnosed 5 years ago with stage 2 cancer. During her chemo and radiation treatments, my 92 year old grandfather passed away. The wings are for my grandpa. My mother is a survivor.
Silverdale, WA

Thirteen Years and Counting!

I found a lump in my left breast in January 2001; I was 41 years old. I immediately went to my doctor, who ordered a diagnostic mammogram. The lump was not picked up on the mammogram; I was told to repeat the exam in 6 months. During my second mammogram, the technician remarked that she could see and feel the lump--so could I! But the results of that mammogram showed no abnormalities. I went back to my doctor and said, "You know something is there, and I know something is there. I want a biopsy." My doctor sent me to a surgeon, who performed the biopsy on a Monday. By that Friday I was on the operating table undergoing a lumpectomy, having been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After 10 months of chemo and radiation and 5 years of Tamoxifen, I'm still cancer-free today. I continue to have yearly mammograms, but I also do monthly self-exams. I also see a dermatologist regularly to make sure that the radiated area of my chest and neck stays cancer-free. Yes, you can develop melanoma years after radiation! I'm positive that I wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't been proactive about my health, and I urge everyone to do the same!

Sandy McRoy
Murphysboro, IL

im a breat cancer survivor

Hello everyone.

It's my 3rd year but be telling people it's my 2nd by mistake as it has gone so fast.Today I'm at the stage that I am so far along the path where I feel much better within my self ,I am a very positive person and always will be .My story starts from when I was diagnosed I couldn't believe the impact it caused to me an my family,just didn't think it would ever happen to me at all.I knew I had to deal with it and at the same time was to keep a smile on my face where really I was crying in side .My surgery was major I was cut 8 inches down my right side lumpectomy with reconstruction could go to work for 6 months,I had drains coming out of me which was painful no one could ever know in my family what I suffered unless if you was going through it.Some days was worse then others I had to have radiation for 5days for 6 weeks which made me very tired.but I survived all this it isn't at all easy but I got there ,with the support of my husband I would not had got by so I thank him for the care and support .My self at this very moment in time is barring together some days are bad other days I can't stop laughing life goes on and I am one of the lucky ones.I am in remission for 5 years and I know I will be okay....Thanks also for the support from breast cancer buddies,McMillan Wrexhampark,kingEdward hospital.


karen baker
slough, United Kingdom

The Judy Story

Oh, what a year, but we are thankful for another one. This past September 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ductal Carcinoma-In Situ Breast Cancer. God has surrounded Tim and I through this journey one day at a time, with some tears, and a tremendous uplifting of prayers and support. God guided the surgeon to remove the big tumor on September 18th on our 4th Wedding Anniversary. A special day when I woke and my Timmy D told me no lymph nodes were affected. I remained strong through it all and my fears were always taken away by prayer. It’s amazing the amount of people whom I’ve met through this and who fight like girls to win victory over this dreaded disease. Treatment is always one of the hardest phases of the process and it was anticipated by my oncologist that I would have to have 6-8 Chemotherapy treatments. I blew him out of the water by testing out with a 0 on a test that they do to see if that type of treatment is necessary. With a 0 level I did not have to have it! So Yay….I moved on to just 33 Radiation Treatments. I’ve been told over and over God has a plan for me. It makes me teary eyed when I think about it. I’ve always said “I don’t know who holds tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand”. Just wanted to wish each and every one who is faced with breast cancer that to take one day at a time and always look up, because when things seem glim God is there and look around another CANCER SISTER is as well.

Judy Hanna Deaton
Charlotte, NC

My battle with breast cancer

In March 2014, at the age of 62, I was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer in my right breast. I was very scared but I told myself that I want to live and it won't do me any good to be upset through it, it will not make it go away. I immediately decided that I was going to do whatever was needed to survive, bring it on.

It was decided to do a lumpectomy. When the pathology report came back it showed that there was more cancer in the breast. I was given the option of either having another lumpectomy or having a mastectomy. After thinking hard about it, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, I just wanted to get it over. I didn't want to be worrying about getting cancer in the other breast. When they did the bilateral mastectomy, they found cancer was also in the left breast so my decision worked out for the best.

I was very blessed because my cancer was in the early stage and I did not have any cancer in my lymph nodes so I did not have to have radiation or chemotherapy. I know God was watching over me but I also believe that going through it with a goal to survive and good attitude helped. My procedures went very well and the recoveries were no were near what I was expecting.

For those going through it, try to have a good frame of mind, it really helps.

God Bless You.

Baltimore, MD

My Mom

This is my mom's story, she passed away 12/29/2014 (two weeks ago) after a courageous battle with stage IV, it was her second time having it...the first time she was only 43 years old and it was stage came back 11 years later as stage IV at the age of 54....she died at age 59...She was taken from us too soon! I am getting married in 5 months and she will not be there now...but I know she will be watching...I have decided to get "sleeve" tattoos now...all breast cancer is my new mission in old mission was to convince at least one person to go for their mammogram...and I did that. A co-worker has been putting it off for years now, after my mom's death and hearing her story, she has finally made the appointment.

I included part of the eulogy I gave at my mom's was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my entire life

Who my mom was to me…she was a brave, selfless fighter, with a huge heart of gold, she is my hero, my best friend, the strongest woman I have ever known, someone I could talk to about anything, whether it was to get advice or when I just needed someone who would listen, we also worked together for over 10 years…she always stayed positive no matter how grim the situation may have been, giving up was Never an option for her…she was a wonderful and supportive mom to us, an awesome grandma to our kids, and a loving wife to my dad for almost 37 years…and finally…her courageous story of survival makes her an inspiration for other women (and men) fighting breast cancer everywhere. She had a 1 in 4 chance of living 5 or more years...well she was that ONE! She did it, she made it as long as she possibly could and fought cancer with every ounce of her strength up til the very end…just as she promised us she would! She fought for 5 years and 4 1/2 months!

Kristina Harmeyer
Racine, WI

Thanks to Becky

The picture that accompanies this story is my wedding photo. I was married March 6, 2012. A beautiful start to a wonderful new life. A fairy tail wedding to a wonderful person.

On April 1st my best friend of 30 years, Becky, passed away from Colo/Rectal Cancer. She has been fighting a year, it came out of no where. Life felt very foreign when someone who has always been there is no longer there.

I had only had one Mammogram my entire life and hadn't had one since 2005, but this year when my OB/GYN gave me the form I thought I will get this one done for Becky. At the mammogram they found 5 areas of suspicion and I scheduled lumpectomies. All areas of suspicion were cancer free and I was so relieved. My doctor scheduled a mammogram for me in six months just to be on the safe side..

At my follow up appointment the technician found an area he was sure was scar tissue but wanted to do a ultra sound just to be sure. During the Ultrasound an area of suspicion was found on the other breast and it was immediately biopsied. two days later I got the call that the lump they found was cancer.

My doctor decided to do a MRI on both breasts due to my dense breast tissue and due to the fact the the mammogram had missed the cancer on previous occasions.

The MRI, as my doctor stated, Lit up like a Christmas tree. There were other instances of cancer in both breasts. After consulting with my doctor and MRI technician we decided to perform a double Mastectomy.

All together 7 instances of pre cancer, 1 DCIS and 1 invasive Carcinoma was found. Nothing had spread to the lymphod system.

It has been a tough couple of years, but I thank my dear friend Becky everyday for watching over me and inspiring the test that saved my life.

Judy Garcia
Livermore, CA

Check your boobies!

One night in July 2013, I was sitting in my comfy chair watching TV when I felt a sharp stinging pain go across my right breast. I thought that was odd but massaged away the pain and thought nothing more of it. The next morning while having my shower I remembered about the pain and did a self exam. I was familiar with self exams as I would do them fairly regularly so I felt the changes in my breast. As a result, I found a large lump at the bottom of the right breast and made a doctors appointment straight away. This followed with a mammogram, ultrasound and finally a core biopsy which showed I had invasive micropapillary carcinoma.

I had surgery, then 4 rounds of chemo, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and one year of Herceptin treatment as I was HER2 positive. I am now cancer free but will not be clear for another few years.

The one thing I am grateful for is those that consistently speak about self examination because without it I probably would not have as good an outcome. Please, please, please - check your boobies!

Irene Lowe
Melton, Victoria, Australia

Wow 2014 a year to remember!

I would like to commend everyone who is fighting the fight and The Breast Cancer Site too; this site helped me through my darkest hours during my treatment. To know that I was not alone, the stories and the words of encouragement that I read helped to keep me positive. I am healthy & active 54 year with no history of any cancer. On a Wed., March 2014 one year to the date of my last mammogram I was called back by the radiologist who has read my mammograms for 14 years - there was a spot; he wanted me to come in the following Mon., I said NO I want to come in today; 1:30 p.m. sonogram performed then suggested a biopsy, 10 long days passed before the results, it was BC. Wow, thank god my husband was home that morning. The next step a surgeon appt - after many tests. Surgery was scheduled for a lumpectomy. After another 5 long days final results Stage 1 ER+ PR+ HER+ oncology report 19 No Lymph Nodes Clear Margin (Thank GOD) but chemo was a sure thing due to the HER2 gene. 6 rounds of chemo with Herceptin, finished chemo late August then 33 rounds of radiation. Herceptin to continue until April 2015. It was brutal - but I got up every morning went to work. I needed to - it kept my mind busy. Being busy helped me to shake the up and down feelings. Besides the treatment so many other things went wrong in the year of 2014, I truly feel I was being tested to see how strong I really was. I have always been a spiritual person but now even more - everyday I pray and thank God for early detection; I thank God for my support team of friends, family; coworkers & Dr's but most of all my husband of 36 years. I truly learned what "In Sickness & Health" means, he never left my side! I still wake up and say "Wow", but I tell myself that I am going to be alright!

Marana, AZ
California Casual Shorts
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