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I want to see my Daughter grow up

Diagnosed with breast cancer Beginning of October , after finding lump under arm and lump right breast , Began Chemotherapy , after first dose ended , in for nine days , had transfusion and treated for what they thought , meningitis, was neutropenic . Commenced on injection after each chemo . Then changed after third dose of fec onto Docetaxol , ended up in resus , problems with breathing and tachycardia and pain . Survived all ,5 weeks xv later mastectomy and node clearance , not easy as left with hypersensitivity and areas of numbness , But I HAVE BEATEN CANCER, THEY GOT ALL WITH CLEAR MARGINS , I AM NOW A SURVIVOR .Everybody is different , but I have my family , I now look at my daughter and say , I WILL SEE YOU GROW UP .XX

Patricia Birney
Kilmaurs, Scotland, United Kingdom

Breast Cancer has changed me for sure

I went for my first mammogram in Nov 2012. After diagnostic testing was told I had a tumor ib my right breast and needed to have a biopsy. I thought I was going to get sick, my body went into shock and I had to have my boyfriend come pick me up. Dec 7, I got the news, I had estrogen positive cancer. NO, this can not happen to me I'm only 40. I am moving to Raleigh, NC from Charlotte NC the day after Christmas. After making calls to doctors I realized going to Duke was the best decision. I knew right away I wanted to have a mastectomy. It was a good thing that I did, after surgery on Han 14, 2013 the pathology report revealed a larger area of non invasive cancer. This never showed up on any of the pre testing. I also had 12 lymph nodes removed, 5 came back positive. I had to have 8 rounds of chemo. My best friend had a head shaving party after my first treatment. I never thought I would embrace it the way I did. I was so at peace with it and felt so much love that day. After Chemo I had 6 weeks if radiation. On December 12, 2013 I had my left breast removed for my own personal reasons and had flap reconstruction to the left breast and expanders on both sides. I just finished with all my fills and looking forward to my final surgery. I got engaged in the middle of chemo treatment to the most amazing man. I'm ready to move on and take my breast cancer journey with me to help support and help other women through this thing called life.

Apex, NC

Life is Beautiful (33 yr Breast Cancer survivor stage 4 )

I was terminal in 1982 ,my Breast Cancer from 1981 metastasized to both my lungs.

I had a double modified radical mastectomy in 1981 and a prophylactic one in 1982 .

When I went for reconstruction they did a chest ex-ray the same day before surgery.

I woke up to find they did not do reconstruction just took off my other breast to be ready for Chemo.

My Mom died when I was 7 in 1952 when the "C" word was hush hush.

My mom left her 3 little girls 2,7 and 11.

My boys were 7,14 and 15. I

was determined to stay alive for them to have their mother.I did not have self pity.

I always had a fight within me to be strong. POSITIVE thoughts only!

Most of my family make me feel ashamed to talk about it.

They see it as bragging and are not empathetic,it is old news to them.

But strangers bless me for telling them as it gives them hope.

The best reward to me is seeing their smiles.

I am humbled and overwhelmed. Nobody told me anything positive,just looked at me with pity I did not want.

But telling my story makes me feel I do have a purpose.

Doctors. at Sloan Kettering in NYC and Fox Chase in Philly said I am a Miracle and should tell my story to give hope to others.

My oncologist Dr. Dennis Berman in Pa. also said that.

This shy little girl is not shy anymore.

I am a survivor 33 years this week and April 29th I will be 69.

I am a very proud mother of 3 adult sons and grandmother of 6 ages 4-21 .

Lets all stomp this monster out now!

Every 13 minutes a person dies from Breast cancer.

So be aware take care and fight like a girl!

Roz Pindyck
Monroe Township, NJ

A Turn of the Century Event

In December 1999 I found the lump. I ignored the occasional nausea, thinking that I had eaten too late, too much, too fast…etc.. I thought that the lump was a benign growth because 1) I had one removed a short time before and 2) I had received a glowing mammography report.

In December 1999, the world was worried about the clocks on computers stopping when the year rolled over to 2000. A few hours after the clock rolled over and I realized that my lump was still there, I knew I had to deal with the lump.

The date given to me for this exam was in May 2000. The lump was a little inflamed but ottherwise, caused no issues. In February, I mentioned the lump to my GYN. Although, he was not alarmed---he recommended an earlier appointment since the lump was visibly inflamed.. After a few phone calls, I secured an earlier appointment on April 3.

I spent my 44th birthday getting a mammogram. After several films, the Radiologist explained his findings, showing me the site of my lump. Where there had been nothing in previous films, there was now a large lump. The Radiologist recommended that my doctor schedule a biopsy.

Things moved very quickly. A week later, I had an outpatient biopsy. Within hours the surgeon callled me about the malignancy.

Only someone who has been through this can attest to what happens next. So many decisions. Mastectomy vs. lumpectomy. Lymph node dissection vs. Sentinel node removal. Breast prosthesis. Hair prosthesis. PET Scans. MRIs. Blood Work. And then finally surgery.

One moment I am smiling the next moment I am coming apart the seams. I found the ability to laugh at myself and when it go to be too much…I would get in my car, roll up the windows, scream to the top of my lungs and then give it up to God through prayer. Very therapeutic.

The surgery to remove my cancer and change my life forever was performed on April 21, 2000. This was the beginning of my journey as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Janie R. Williams
Washington, DC

granddaughter honors grandma

My 19 year old grandaughter has honored myself and all breast cancer survivors with two tatoos the bottom one explains itself, and the top one is latin loosely translated "She flies with her own wings" I have fought the fight twice 20 years ago with a partial and radiation, last year with a bilateral mastectomy and chemo my grandchildren all comforted me in different ways, they knew it was serious and grandma couldn't do as much but they always shared their day with me, I never expected the tatoo but I am truly honored and blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren, they all wear breast cancer t-shirts and clothing year round they do a special nite at one of their football games in October, even my teen and grown boys wear pink proudly, thank you so much my babies you got me through!

Diane Barnett
Kansas, OK

My Mount Everest

Ductal Adenal Carcinoma, highly prolific, prognosis poor. And so it began, 5 years ago today. I always collected rocks when I was stressed & named the rock whatever my stress was. Some times I would have several rocks in my purse I could pull out & look at when I needed to. Money, job, family issue, what ever. Each had a rock. When the stress was resolved I would throw that rock away. This day I went out & found a rock about 5 pounds. My cancer rock. Rocks are very interesting. They are smooth, cool, warm, rough, heavy, light, round, or almost any shape. Alone a rock is just a rock. But in a pile they become very heavy & will weigh you down. I would separate my rocks so the weight would not be too much. Don't let your rocks pile up. My cancer rock was big. I put it in my purse & carried with me. Every day it reminded me of the weight of having cancer. Some say rocks have healing power. I slept with my rock laying it next to my right breast. I don't know if they heal or not but I would try anything. As my journey began my silly rock fetish took on a new bigger meaning. I started a journey for the battle of my life. Having cancer is like climbing Mt Everest. The journey is difficult and arduous. Some make it, some don't. I was one of the lucky ones that reached the summit. I stood atop my Mt Everest, the biggest rock of all. I can tell you 2 things... The view from the top is awesome and although a huge rock in life, it is just another rock. Chisel away at it and it crumbles into little rocks. It's not easy & it's not fun. Many have gone before you, come with you, and will follow you. Never give up. You CAN do this. Only by the grace of God did I survive & today I am a 5 year survivor.

Penelope Delano
Fredericksburg, VA

My mother the strongest person I know.

This woman right here is the strongest person I know..she has been through so much in her life. Having lost both her mother and father in a short amount of time, and having many health issues through out her adult life. Heart murmur,high blood pressure and then just recently has been diagnosed with breast cancer..she is a very loving and caring Mother,Grandmother,Great Grandmother and Friend to all.. She is my best friend and roll model and to this day she fights her battle of cancer..I just don't know how much more a beautiful person like my mother can endure in her life...As my Grandmother Maria always says GOD DOES NOT GIVE U WHAT YOU CANT HANDLE..and THAT HE WORKS IN THE MOST MYSTERIOUS WAYS...so mom I love you..and keep on fighting because we must win this battle...

Vancouver, WA

Help Jean beat the fight to cancer and independence

I'm asking for help and this is my story. In January of 2012, my mom was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer and she carries the BRAC one gene. During her treatment she lost the house she owned and grew up in due to foreclosure. After her treatment that ended in November 2012, she had a hysterectomy to try and stay cancer free due to ovarian cancer running also in our genetic genes. Unfortunately, after her hysterectomy, she was rediagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which is now in her lungs. This cancer is non curable and the doctors are working hard to keep it managed. The reason I am asking for your help is because I’m trying hard to find help for my mom. So far I cannot find any help! Now, her new apartment, fresh start and her strength to fight this battle is wearing out. She is thinking about stopping treatments, so she doesn’t lose her place that she is residing in. Please donate one dollor or anything to help my mom keep her town home. We do not know how long she has to live but the stress of not having anywhere to live is getting to her. I really just want to help my mom keep her place. We have been calling places to find help and someone told her to go to a homeless shelter! I am doing all that I can so I am reaching out for anyone help every penny counts. Thanks in advance if you help my mom. The goal of 6000 is for my mom's rent for a year. Please share this story! I just want my mom to know that cancer didn't win and didn't take not only her medical state but her independance too! Help everyone! - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/other/help-jean-beat-the-fight-of-cancer-and-independence-/167071?fb_action_ids=10152062654769007&fb_action_types=og.comments&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582#sthash.wAtkM7Ol.dpuf

Elyria, OH

OH NO - Not me!

I am 67 years old and trying to enjoy my retirement!! Not so. I have always had lumpy breasts and was not concerned when my left breast became swollen and I could feel two distinct lumps in it. Mammogram showed nothing new, ultrasound looked suspicious and on New Years Eve, 12/31/13 after the biopsy, the call came. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma --- Happy New Year!!! My margins were clean and there was a micro tumor in one of my sentinel lymph nodes, everything else was clear. First the surgeons talked lumpectomy - then a MRI was scheduled -- several tumors were found in my left breast, I am estrogen and progresterone positive and I have the HER2+ invasive cancer. So a regiment of chemotheropy and herceptin have been scheduled for me. I had my first treatment last Friday. Everyone says how much good a positive attitude is --- that's great but this week I have had extreme fatique, bone and muscle aches from the Neulasta shot and constant stomach cramps -- that takes positive down a few notches. But there are things to be thankful for --- the steriod pills have given me an amazing appetite and I have not experienced nausea. There is absolutely nothing about this journey that is going to be fun but I know at the end I will be cancer free so bring on the bad stuff. I'm gonna fight and I am surrounded by loving friends and family.

Findley Lake, NY

Surviving Cancer

I went to my OBGYN because I felt a lump on my left breast. He sent me for a mammogram and sonogram then a few days later they called me to get a biopsy. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October 22, 2013. My mother passed away at the age of 42 from Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. I was 15 years old when she passed away. I saw her struggle with Cancer while I was growing up and it was devastating when she passed. So you can imagine how I felt when the Dr told me I had Cancer. My first reaction was surprised and scared. Thankfully my Dr was very informative and worked with me to treat this as aggressively as possible. I also tested positive for BRCA. I had surgery on December 11, 2013. They removed both my breast and added tissue expanders. My lypm nodes were tested and were negative for cancer.

I started my first round of chemo January 31, 2014 and had my last chemo of this round April 18, 2014. I start my second round on May 1, 2014. I hope to be finished with this round by June 12, 2014. Then my plastic surgeon will contine with the reconstruction.

I am blessed to have my husband by my side every step of the way. My daughter has been of tremendous support and my grandson keeps me going. I have a huge group of family and friends who are my biggest supporters. God and prayer plays a huge role in my life!

Pat Acosta
El Paso, TX
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