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Survivor and Supporter

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 1990 after finding a lump on breast self examination. Surgery and chemotherapy took 6 long months but I made it with the support of my mother, Carole Kesler. In Jan of 1991, in celebration that my treatments were over, my parents vacationed in Mexico. In April of 1991, my mom was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer and she passed away in June of that year. Without her support, I am sure I would not now be a 19 year survivor. Not a day goes by that I do not remember her beautiful face, her endless caring, and her loving spirit. Keep up the fight and continue to click so that all cancers might be cured in our lifetime.

Rosalie Miller
Wapakoneta, OH

to fix surgical mistakes

To someone named Anoymous in Maspeth,

I have the surgeon for the corrective surgery for you. His name is Dr. Alex Keller in Great neck,NY. try to see him if you can and look at his before and after pictures;he is truly skilled and caring.You don't have to continue to live like this;you can feel and look better. Just try and see him.


Long Island.NY

Long Island, NY

Unbelievable but going through all of the treatments......

In November 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer after I found a lump in my left breast. I thought it was a cyst, but it turned out to be a very large cancerous mass and I am now, in July 2009. going through radiation as part of my treatment.

My nipple turned inward and I immediately got going for exams, mammograms, ultra sounds, core needle biopsies, diagnoses and treatment. I had to have chemo first, then my mastectomy, and now the radiation.

Ladies, please be aware that you CAN have pain with breast cancer and that if you find a lump, GO NOW and get it investigated. I had a cyst many yeats ago and it was removed and found to be benign.

It is scary and I am glad for all of the people that I know that have been supportive. I was only 51 when it was diagnosed and hope to have a lot more years left. You lose your hair and go through some extremely tough times, but the focus has to be on getting well.

I hope that there is a cure for me and for all of the women that discover that they have this disease. Please everyone, keep supporting breast cancer research, detection, and treatment programs out there. We need the help.

San Diego, CA


My sister, Mary, was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated. Not long afterward, her daughter, Cathy, was diagnosed. Cathy had several years of treatment and participated in several experimental trials, hoping to help others with her experience. She impressed us all with her courage and sweetness. She finally passed on and is greatly missed. Mary, however, has survived and is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa helping with an AIDS project. It's easy to see where Cathy got her courage and loving ways.

I am currently caring for a professor in her 80's who has just entered Hospice for terminal breast cancer care. She is amazing. Brave, wise and loving. It's a privilege to spend time with her.

I honor these women and all the others who have shared their lives with us as they experience this great adventure.

Gilbert, AZ

just got the news..

i never thought that i would also share my story here... usually, i am reading the others.. but now, we just found out today, july 25, that our mother has stage 2 cancer.. she was asked to have a mammogram a year ago when my father was being hospitalized. since she was busy tending to the needs of my father and mine, since a month after my father's hospitalization, i got sick too. these events prompted her to withdraw the test considering we were already short of fund at that time. she did not took the prescription seriously.. however, an incident took place during the wake of my father.. my daughter saw the inverted nipples on the breast of my mother.. my brother, being a medical student, check the breast of my mother. he felt the lumps so he urged my mother to pay a check-up with the doctors.. and after a series of ultrasound and biopsies, the result was stage 2 cancer.. i immediately scan through the different internet sites, hoping to get the immediate possible treatment.. seeking for answers and asking for help and prayers.. since right now, all searches points to one thing, that is surgery.. we want to have it done immediately but we need funds to do it.. we have not yet fully recovered from the financial crisis we had since the death of my father, which was only february of this year... we would appreciate very much whatever it is that you can extend to our family.. thanks and God bless..

Davao City, Philippines

I Saved Her Life and Then She Saved Mine

Last year I rescued a dog with one week left before she was to be euthenized. She was just 14months old, had already had a litter of pups and had heart-worm, which we treated her for. After a couple months, she started bouncing up and hitting me in the same place on my left breast, so much so that it hurt. When I felt the spot she kept hitting, I found a lump. I thought it was just the injury but still thought I'd better check it out. That was in February '09 and the rest is history. It was a triple negative tumor but very small. They found a second, even smaller tumor in the same breast so I had a mastectomy and am now almost finished with my chemotherapy. I would have been going for my normal mammogram this month (July) and because of the kind of tumor, it might have been much further along and my prognosis not nearly as good. I have no doubt that first I saved my dog, Sambucca's (a very black labrador retriever) life, and then she saved mine. BTW- since my surgery, "Bucca" has not jumped up against me at all and she also found a tumor on my mother's dog. She is amazing!

Silver Spring, MD

Listen to your body!

At the age of 44 I got the news..."it is cancer." For over 6 months, I had been experiencing a problem with my right nipple. It was itchy and irritated. Having breastfed my two children years before, I had frequently experienced sore, cracked nipples. So I pretty much ignored the problem--until the nipple began discharging and having "raw" areas. I changed soaps, used special creams...Nothing just got worse. Finally, I went to my Doctor and she confirmed my very worse fears... Cancer of the Nipple or Pagets Disease.I had NEVER heard of it. From there I went to the fabulous SIU Breast Center in Springfield, IL...and they recommended a "scarless" mastectomy with a tram-flap reconstruction. My nodes were chemo!! That was 10 years ago and I am feeling great...and very very lucky! Every year since my diagnosis, the females in my family celebrate with me at our local Race for the Cure...we had 4 generations there this year!!

Argenta, IL

Thank God for My Dog

In 2001, my labrador came up to me, laid his head on my left breast and started whining. I pushed him away but he came right back, whining, tears rolling down his face. A week later, my nipple started leaking. I went and had a mammogram and was diagnosed with 1st stage breast cancer. Had a lumptectomy, chemo and radiation.

A year later, a different lab we had went between my husband's legs and started doing the same thing. We both looked at each other and he said I'll call the doctor. He had 1st stage prostrate cancer. We are both cancer free thanks to our dogs.

Sherry Harris
Reidsville, NC

I'm so glad to be here!!

A couple of weeks before Christmas of 2008, I felt a suspicious lump in my left breast, and I just knew my life would be changed forever. I had seen my mother successfully battle breast cancer twice, so I knew the odds were that I was about to begin my own battle 2 months before my 44th birthday.

After a stressful Christmas, I made an appointment with my primary care physician, on New Year's Eve, who confirmed that he felt the lump as well, though small. He immediately made an appointment for me with a surgical nurse, who after reviewing the ultrasound, informed me that it was not a cyst, but rather a mass. Well, that was a rather eventful way to bring in the new year. Instead of witnessing the historical inauguration of a candidate who I had worked very hard to see elected, I'd get to have a biopsy-yaah!

Next there was the needle biopsy, where I was informed that it was highly unlikely that I had cancer because the tissue did not have much blood, so I left feeling very optimistic. However, a couple of days later, I received the call from my "no longer very optimistic" radiologist, that I in fact had invasive ductal carcinoma.

After a successful lumpectomy, and surgery in February, which resulted in the finding of no lymph node involvement, clear margins, and a tumor smaller than 1.0 cm, I was now a Stage 1 breast cancer patient.

I finished radiation in May, and after receiving a new lease on life, I left a job that I had always hated, mended important relationships, discarded toxic ones, and got on with living. I'm so glad to be here!

Alma Busby-Williams
Walnut Creek, CA

Truly Blessed

I was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer in 2005. I had a bilateral mastectomy, but had no lymph nodes involved, and the cancer was totally encapsulated. So, I didn't have to go through the radiation and chemotherapy that many patients do. My doctor said I was considered "Stage 0" ! Today, in 2009, I am still cancer free and thanking God for His healing, and all the wonderful family and friends who supported me through this challenging ordeal.

Sandy Sherman
Tustin, CA
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