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Give Us Hope - Help Us Cope

Cancer has darkened my doorstep many times.

It's been nine years since I lost my dear friend Dennis to Bone Cancer. Then his Widow battled Breast Cancer - she's a Survivor!

April 20, 2008 marks the day my 87 year old friend Bettie lost her battle. Breast Cancer was the first of many different forms of cancer she dealt with over the course of her long life, and she considered herself a Breast Cancer survivor.

May 7, 2008 my husband, Roger, and I received his terminal diagnosis - Metastic Lung Cancer. He died July 10th - leaving me a Widow at 49. We'd been together since I was 19.

It was late January 2009 when I received the news that the wife of a dear friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She's in treatment now, and we're trying to remain hopeful.

So each and every click I make is dedicated to these - my loved ones. When I finally reach 200 clicks this month, I will feel like I've truly accomplished something. Love and Hugs - Jeaner

Crescent City, CA

The Kansas Twisted Sisters

We believe we are in this fight against Breast Cancer as "Sisters". Thus, the "Kansas Twisted Sisters" were born!! We have taken up the challenge to help fight and find a cure for Breast Cancer by participating in the 3-Day Walk scheduled in Washington, DC on October 9 - 11, 2009. Our group consists of 13 professional women. 12 of us are in Kansas and one Twisted Sister lives in Louisville, Kentucky but will be joining us in DC for the walk. Seven of our "Twisted Sisters" plan to walk while the others will help with fund raising, cheer us on and congratulate us at the "finish line".

To reach the "finish line" each participant in the 3-Day Walk must raise $2,300.00 in donations. We also each will pay our own way to D.C. so any donations you make will be strictly for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. I cannot complete my journey without your support and help. I need your help now more than ever. I realize with the economy the way it currently is raising funds may be much more difficult than in 2006 and that is why I am emailing every person I know and asking for even the smallest amount to reach my goal. If you cannot contribute then please wish me luck and follow my story on the Kansas Twisted Sister's web page. If you can contribute I would be forever grateful. I thank you for any support you can offer. Please go to this site and DONATE!

Thank You very much for your support and help. We walk in honor of those that have gone before us and those who are to follow. For our mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, daughters!!

Jackie Barnes
Wichita, KS

Surprised to have Breast Cancer

I had a normal mammogram in the summer of 2007. I went on vacation to come home and find that I needed to return for a different type of mammogram that would show more information. I then was instructed to see a surgeon because they had detected a turnor in my left breast. I had 3 lumpectomy;s to get all of the cancer from my breast. I then had 7 wks of radiation. That was very successful and it all disappeared. I was really shocked that it had happened to me. I believed it could only happen to other people. BUT I FOUND THAT IS NOT SO !!!!! All women at any age should be very careful and get mammograms to prevent this from happening to them someday. It was very scary for me. I am now a 1 yr survivor of which I am very happy.

Connie Conner
Middletown, DE

Faith can move mountains

I know faith plays a huge part in peoples lives; it helps those individuals keep what some might call a moral compass. It guides them and helps strengthen them. I know the Bible speaks of Faith. We some times fail to notice great works of faith when we get caught up in our everyday lives and miss some of the simplest examples of it. I know that my Friend is faithful, but cancer threatened to do so much harm to her beautiful being even possibly taking her from our sight. I saw her struggle through surgeries, chemotherapy, medicines, and hair loss and through all of that, her heart remained constant. Her faith was as solid as a rock in my eyes. Some might ask, "What type of faith did she possess?" One built on something solid, one that people don't always see, and a faith with its strength in something unseen. She knew it would take more than love and friendship to heal her wounded body. The doctors would do all they could. The therapies and medicines would run their course but something had to be moving through all of these wondrous gifts of science and technology, something wonderfully stronger than anything we know.



We all Love You.


21: 21-22

21. Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. 22. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall receive.

Blythewood, SC

We are not invisible

At 30 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now 33 years old & I BEAT breast cancer! My name is Melissa Altamirano & I'm from Casa Grande Arizona. It all started with a smear done in my gynecologists office. Later I was told that I needed to go have a mammogram & to schedule an appt with a surgeon because the test found abnormal cells. I went for my mammogram & the images revealed a small area of clustered calcifications. The surgeon was very confident that everything was fine since I was so young. To be on the safe side he sent me in for a biopsy. The biopsy revealed that the small area of concern was malignant. I was told I had early stage breast cancer. I was also told that since it was found early it was very treatable. My treatment plan was to have a lumpectomy & radiation treatments. I was treated with Mammosite 5 day targeted radiation therapy. The next treatment plan was to start taking Tamoxifen. Throughout the next year I continued having issues with both breasts. I underwent 6 more painful biopsies & I was on close cancer surveillance. All of the biopsies came back as precancerous conditions, but due to the previous cancer & these conditions I was at high risk of getting cancer again. The only option I had was to have a full breast mastectomy. On may 30th 2008 I had a full breast mastectomy. Six months later…I was done. I try so hard to put it all behind me, but I can't. I need to speak out to all young women & let them know how important it is to do self breast exams & get mammograms (if needed) despite our age. We are not invisible.

Melissa Robles Altamirano
Casa Grande, AZ

my survival story

I ws diagnosed with brest caner six in a half years a when i found a large

lump under my arm and i had to do four and half months of chemotherapy

followed by a mastactomy then two months of radiation treatmens

Lydia Wendell
Tacoma, WA

At least pink is my favorite color...

On February 21, 2008 I bundled up my 18 month old daughter to meet my husband at our lawyer's office. We had done the "responsible adult duty" to have our wills drawn up, living wills, medical power of attorney, custody of our two girls; All the yucky stuff that you don't want to think about, hate to decide on and hope to never use. After signing those important documents in front of witnesses, lawyers and a notary, we headed home for lunch. That would be the end of our normalcy.

The phone rang and I learned I had cancer. "Its not good" my surgeon said. The next day was full of shock and tests to determine if I was "buying time or a cure," as my oncologist put it.

What a long and short year! I have had four surgeries, six chemotherapy treatments, numerous tests and doctor visits, lost my hair, lost my boobs, grew some hair, bought some boobs, turned 32 and kicked cancer's ****!

I was told I'd be "done" in July, but what does "done" mean? Will I ever really be done with cancer. Nope...

I took a test that showed this cancer is in my genes, even though I was the FIRST to be cursed. My mom learned she has it in her genes & my grandfather was diagnosed with breast cancer. My 54 year old mom had a preventative hysterectomy and masectomy to ensure she doesn't have to battle this cancer, which has been physically just as nightmarish and mentally too.

I have the most amazing family. And my definition of family includes people I'm not blood related to (aren't you glad since cancer is in my genes?!) but choose as family.

Cancer could return, but I'll be ready.

Julie Walton
Midland, TX

My Breast Cancer Story:

In the year of 1995, I found that I had breast cancer. It was on the left side in the lower part of my breast.

I was so scared, that I cried regularly throughout the day. I wanted to just go and hide. What I did do, was start my treatment as soon as I could. I had surgery twice, and started my chemo and than when that was completed I had extensive radiation.

So far, thank God, I still am here.

I must admit that I am so scared, everytime that something else comes up like pain anywhere in my body the first thing that I think of is 'is it back again.'

Floyd, VA


i am writing this in memory of my neice cindy loggins who had triple neg.breast cancer. who was a champ she done everything possiable to beat the deiase. we lost her april 9th she fought for 2 and a half years.she left behind 3 preious little girls. she was 33yrs.old. the doctors told her she was a champ. it is so sad when you want to live but the odds are against you. i pray someday they will find a cure for this terriable deiase. so mom,s can live to see thier babies grow up. our hearts are breaking .wemiss her so much. i pray that anyone who can get on this site will click on, so somebody else has a chance to live. she was most defianttley our hero. the angels came and took her home but our hearts are breaking. so young so sad. her mom is so sad, it is heart breaking i pray everyone will learn about the breast cancer site and do thier share to help people in need thank you so much.

marie hightower
mt.airy, GA


As you may guess I'm the one with no hair. This was taken just before my last Chemo treatment and just before radiation. The group of ladies are from our Cancer Resource Center in Bend Oregon. The young man is our staff partner for Relay for LIfe and the gal beside him is a two time lung cancer survivor and my caregiver.

In May of 2008 I had found out to my suprise I had breast cancer. I had not had a momogram in 3 years since I had no insurance. I found out about the free momograms and since my family has a history I thought I had better get one. The rest of you know what happen next.

I am on the road to recovery and staying involved with Relay for Life.. For the last 8 years I have been involved in getting funds to help with research and educations. I am now going to be walking my 2nd survivor lap, it is my goal someday no one will have to hear those words You have cancer. Stay well my sisters and may the rest of your years be cancer free. Power to the Pink.

Carol Gray
La Pine, OR
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