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Free Inspirational Book for Breast Cancer Awareness

On the 10th and 11th. Don't forget to grab a free copy of "Heartfelts" I hope the short stories with their uplifting message will be an inspiration for those dealing with life's trials! http://www.amazon.com/Heartfelts-P-S-Winn-ebook/dp/B00HXKE344/

kalispell, MT


While on a trip with friends I found a lump in my right breast, I didn't think anything of it due to my Sarcoidosis. I just thought it was a lymph node and let it go. Finally in December 2009 I went to my doctor and he said we need to get a biopsy right away and things rolled fast. On Christmas Eve.2009 I found out I had triple negartive breast cancer and in January 22,2010 I underwent a lumpectomy with lymph node testing. It was hard going through this alone so I moved to be with my daughter I did about a year or so of chemo followed by radiation. This year will mark 5 years if all checks out on my follow up. I am so thankfull for my family and friends for all their support and wouldn't be here with out them. I have friends who have since gown through cancer and I always support them. I did my first walk a few years ago and was blown away by the amout of support by men women children. I AM A SURVIVOR.....

Lisa Hunt
Saint Petersburg, FL

Scarfy beats CANCER

At the age of 25 I always imagined myself going out with my friends, relaxing on holidays and generally having fun however, my life came to a crashing holt on 24/1/14 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer! It was a major shock to me, my family, friends and experts alike due to my age and the fact that no family member had suffered from cancer before.

My journey to conquer cancer started off positively when I was told after my lumpectomy the cancer had not spread to any of my lymph nodes due to identifying it at an early stage.

On 7/4 my treatment started with chemotherapy which consisted of 6cycles and thankfully went well. The side effects I experienced due to chemotherapy were the loss of appetite and severe mouth ulcers which led to a significant loss of weight. The most distressing side effect was losing my hair which may seem bizarre to many as I wear a headscarf but it had a huge emotional impact on me. I guess it was because hair is the most feminine characteristic of a woman which I felt was taken from me. For the first few days I was unable to look in the mirror however, this changed and now it does not bother me at all and forget at times that I had lost my hair.

My chemotherapy finished on 4/8 and my radiotherapy started a month later. I took part in a trial for 'Cancer Research UK' called 'Import' which consisted of 15 sessions of radiotherapy everyday excluding weekends. I've been lucky once again in that no major side effects have came about due to the treatment apart from feeling tired.

This overwhelming journey has now thankfully come to an end. I thank God for blessing me with an amazing family and incredible friends whom without I would not have come through this challenge. My battle with cancer may have come to an end but my journey does not stop here. I am hoping to work with the youth and the Asian community to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Sedra Hussain
Manchester, United Kingdom

A fun buddy day turns into every womans fear!!

In July on a follow up visit with my doctor for a virus she noticed I was over due for my mammography as well as herself! My BFF/Doctor suggested we do a buddy day and do our mammographies together! She said we will make it a fun day by following it with drinks and dinner!! She said quote on quote we will get our boobies squished and then go drink away the pain at happy hour!! LOL What an awesome idea and we looked so forward to doing this together! I scheduled the appointments for us and we went on August 29 2014. It was Labor day weekend so we didn't get results until the following Tuesday. Hers was negative Thank God! My showed a spiculated mass in left breast and needed to follow up with a sonogram. Sonogram confirmed mass and found suspicious findings in right as well. Biopsy followed and the news we all feared came in lobular invasive carcinoma in left and abnormal cells in right! Was sent immediately to surgeon and double mastectomy and reconstructive was scheduled for September 24 2014.Today and 2 weeks later post op I am very blessed and fortunate to have my doctor push me to do this with her!! If not for her and 6 months later it would have been much too late!! Yes you saved my life!! Doctor Roxanne Carfora / BFF! I can't urge you ladies enough the importance of routine mammographies! Not all breast cancers produce a lump as mine never did! No symptoms what so ever! How scary is that!! So please ladies you need to take this very seriously! I am 61 yrs old and looking so forward to celebrate many more!! I am waiting to see the oncologist to see what kind of treatment if any I will need!! I am praying that I will need none!! I am so grateful for all the support from my husband, family and friends without them I truly don't know how I would have gotten threw all this!! Forever grateful and much love to all. Jane

Jane Patrick
Ronkonkoma, NY

Self Breast Exam Saved ME

June 3, 2014 mammogram, I know this date it was my birthday. Letter comes "All good" July 29,2014 I find a lump on my left breast, while on vacation. Saw my primary care on August 4,2014, he said felt it was nothing but to be on the safe side sent me to see a surgeon, from there the dates become a blur. Saw a surgeon and PA both felt the lump was nothing but wanted an ultrasound "just to be on the safe side" My surgeon deicided to remove the too small to determine lump form my left breast with open biopsy removal on September 12,2014. On September 22, 2014 I hear the word "your area is cancerous" I heard nothing for five minutes after that. Everybody said they felt it was nothing, what happened to it was nothing?

I have struggled not with why me God, but what is my reason God? My reason, self breast exams saved me and a team of physicians that did not blow this off! Leaning on the side of caution, I was a stage I grade I with diagnosis. I still face complete mastectomy (my choice) and reconstruction, depending on results of lymph nodes chemo and radiation, but I know I am not in this alone. My friend outpouring has been phenominal. I could never have felt more blessed. My husband is so strong, comfortable in his man hood and rocking the pink for me, never leaving my side. My daughter (14) is refusing to acknowledge or talk about it, says she knows I will be fine. I worry all the time every little ache and pain is cancer everywhere! will I spend the rest of my life wondering when it will come back and where it will be?

I have joined a club no woman wants to be a part of, but so many members. Strong and fighting!

Kimberly Johnson
Beckley, WV

I almost lost my wife to cancer...Never knew herbs were this powerful.

My wife Lola has been diagnosed of cancer for years now and there has been to treatment apart from the normal chemo... I have spent so much on hospitals but nothing to show for it, Just 2weeks ago I met a man prophet Mica on web surfing on livingspirits.webs.com, He cure my wife's cancer in 7days. He sent us a herbal medicine that cure Lola my wife in just 7days. Her cancer was already on the 2nd stage. I know you scared to believe this, but my dear Its true. Contact him through website and see for yourself. This is amazing, my wife is cured at last...I never knew Herbs are this powerful.

30003, AL

Sister's False Positive Mammogram Saved My Life

Five years ago my sister had a mammogram that was suspect for about 48 hours. She was supposed to meet me at the hospital that morning to be there for my mothers surgery. She was too terrified to come. That evening, for the first time in my life, I did a self breast exam in the shower. There "it" was. Although I had had 5 benign cysts when I was 19 and was told they would recur, and although this lump hurt, and although there is no breast cancer history in my family, I knew that I knew. The mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy 3 days later confirmed it. My tumor was stage 2, on the larger size but had not spread to the lymph nodes. The following weeks were spent in a myriad of tests, chest CTs, bone scans, heart echo, and blood work to help determine the course of action. My cancer was very aggressive and required aggressive chemotherapy. I had 6 rounds of TAC, a lumpectomy and 35 rounds of radiation. My oncologist, radiologist, and surgeon all said the self exam saved my life. Had it not been found for several more months, the prognosis would have been completely different. The one thing no women EVER wants to hear is "Well, Mrs. Smith, if only we had known sooner". Although being diagnosed with cancer is insanely scary, you MUST find it early. Mammograms and ultrasounds are great but what saved my life was feeling it first. Go there. Be brave. Know what those girls feel like so you know when something is not right. It will save your life. I am now 4 years past my final treatment. When I met with my oncologist after all treatment was finished and was declared cancer-free, I asked her "now what?" Strangely it was scary to walk away from treatment. She said simply, "go live your great life". Cancer can be a gift. There is not a single day, good or bad, that I don't revel in the beauty of having another day of life.

Charlotte, NC

My Amazing Mother

In January 2006 at the age of 46, my hero, my mother, Debra Maymon was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts. She immediately had a double mastectomy in February. In the summer of 2007, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. We all thought she was in the clear until November 2010 when we found out the cancer had metastasized to the bone. She went through chemo and radiation but on November 30, 2012 we both received bad news. My mother's cancer spread to her brain and I was diagnosed with BRCA2. My older sister tested negative for the gene so I knew I would be positive. I had a double mastectomy in June 2013 and my mom was there for me the entirety time. My mother went through more chemo and spot radiation. This did not work. I quit my job in October 2013 to take care of her. On January 1, 2014, I took her to the ER. She did not make it out of the hospital. Her soul fought to her very last breath at 6:55 am on January 10, 2014. She lived for my nephew and my son, they kept her alive and continue to.

Lindsey Maymon
Charlestown, IN

Never thought it would be me

April 2014, I found what to me was an enormous lump in my breast while washing in the shower. I was scared and freaked out to my husband right away. We called the doctor got in to see her right away, waited a week to get the mammogram and ultrasound. Radiologist didn't know so wanted to do a biopsy, they had an opening right away that same afternoon and the needle biopsy was done. Now I had to wait the long weekend to hear results, I had convinced myself it wasn't cancer because I'm too young. I was 38 years old with no family history. The radiologist called and told me over the phone, I almost dropped the phone. I went to a general surgeon and then a second for another opinion. I was very impressed by UW Carbone Cancer Center-Madison, they worked extremely fast and I had more appointments before I could fully comprehend what was happening. I've had 16 chemo treatments already and have another 9 more months of Herceptin. I think the hardest part emotionally so far was losing my hair. That was hard for my daughters too. I've got wigs, hats, and scarves, but I think my girls like my pink wig the best. My 11 year old daughter even borrowed the pink wig for 80's day at school!! I even wore the pink wig to the Packer game Oct. 2nd for Breast cancer awareness.

I have bilateral mastectomy w/expanders surgery scheduled at the end of the month. My surgeon told me a lumpectomy is really all I need, but I feel I just want them gone due to the ductal hyperplasia tissue found 4 years ago after having a breast reduction.

Cancer has turned our world upside down. But I know that God is faithful and he will work all things out for the good of those who love Him. My husband has been a wonderful blessing and our 2 young daughters are supportive too. God has blessed me in ways I've never thought about.

Tami H.
Lake Mills, WI

Family story

My story is one of 3 women. My mother was diagnosed with her 2nd bout of BC in Oct. 2013 and had her mastectomy surgery in Dec. 2014. Because of her having her 2nd bout I became more diligent about doing breast exams. I had my yearly mammogram and check ups in May 2013 and all was well. After mom was diagnosed and I was more diligent with checking I found an area that was sore to touch and seemed to feel different. I have dense breast so I am lumpy anyway. I made excuses like, I was drinking more caffeine, stress, also exercising so that spot was sore. I did the genetic testing and I am not BRCA1 or 2. In January 2014, I happened to raise my arms while doing a self exam and noticed a puckering, I knew at that moment I had BC. I went to the doctors in February and was diagnosed with ILC stage IIB 1/16 nodes positive. In March 2014, I went in for my bilateral mastectomy, 16 nodes removed, immediate reconstruction, plus elective tubes and ovaries removed. Then it was on to chemo, I was to undergo 6, but only tolerated 5. I was thankful for all of the support I had. Because my mom went through this 14 years ago with mastectomy and chemo and then again in December with just mastectomy (no nodal involvement) she was a pro and walked me step by step through it. As I was going through my treatment, my sister was diagnosed with malignant neuroendocrine tumors in her pancreas, which are linked to BC, which she had 12 years ago having had a partial mastectomy and 33 treatments of radiation. This cancer has effected my grandmother, 2 aunts (1 of whom passed because of it), my mother, my sister and now myself. I am so hoping they find a cure because I have 2 daughters and I am hoping they do not have to go through this nightmare.

York Haven, PA
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