Your "intuition" could save your life..

I was in the shower and for some reason I was doing more than just soaping up. I was pressing hard and doing a self breast exam. I did not know how to do one and really never wanted to do one because I was too scared I would find a lump.. that sounds sooo crazy . So my gutt or intuition or I like to say God had me find this lump that was almost impossible to find , it was on and close to my rib I thought it was part of my rib. When I found that lump I tried to ignore but my "intuition" would not allow me peace of mind, so I went to breast clinic, the trained MD could not find this lump I had to show her where it was. Lump did not show up in my Mammogram. Had a biopsy and "everyone" was sure it was "not cancer" including the Dr doing the biopsy , it just didn't have the "standard characteristics" . Well after biopsy , I was driving and got a call from an MD , someone who I did not know who told me to pull over he has some news.. Well I tried to pull over but before I could he told me I had... "cancer"... and my life flashed before me.. I was a mom, single mom, caregiver for both of my parents, a new grandmother , a sister and auntie an employee of a job , "healthy" and no family hx of cancer of any kind, and here I was , facing life and death. Long story short my family and friends dragged me through this ordeal and loved me so much all I could do was feel the healing in my body and soul. I am so blessed and grateful for this journey , it was the hardest thing ive ever done at times felt I was in "another world" due to side effects of Chemo but im here now and LOVE being a GRANDMA! Praise God! 4 yr survivor!

Wendy Sandoval
Sacramento, CA