Urge the EPA to Ban the Deadly Chemical Atrazine

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Tell the EPA to stop allowing the use of Atrazine on our produce.

The herbicide atrazine is commonly used by crop growers in the United States to prevent weeds from taking over large fields of crops. However atrazine has been linked to birth defects, reproductive issues, and even cancer. Tell the EPA to adapt new herbicidal chemicals that do not put the health of humans or animals in danger.

Atrazine is effective at killing weeds that take over the crops we enjoy, but huge problems arise when the toxic chemical seeps into our water lines and gets swept up by the wind. Even in low doses, atrazine is highly hazardous to public health. Atrazine ingestion and inhalation can be linked to an array of health problems, such as reproductive complications, low birth weight, birth defects, and even cancer.

In addition, atrazine severely stunts development in frogs. A 2008 study found that exposure to the chemical caused physical organ deformation in the amphibians.

The European Union has effectively banned the use of atrazine, and research suggests the economic implications of the ban have been marginal at worst. If the United States adopted a restriction on atrazine, it's likely we would see a significant improvement in public health without a noticeable negative impact on the agricultural economy.

It's entirely possible to farm and grow crops without the use of this toxic chemical. Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to ban atrazine altogether.

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The Petition:

Dear EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:

Atrazine is no longer an acceptable form of destroying unwanted weeds, as it is known to cause serious health problems for both humans and animals. Once sprayed onto crops, the toxic chemical is transported through the air and through our drinking water.

Atrazine has been linked to several serious health defects, including reproductive problems, low birth weights, and the proliferation of cancerous cells.

A chemical as dangerous as this should not be allowed near the food we eat or the water we drink. Period. Please support efforts to find a non-toxic alternative to atrazine.

Thank you for your time.

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