Stop Insurance Companies from Discriminating Against Women

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Stop insurance companies from charging women up to 50% more than men for health care.

Did you know that insurance providers, on average, charge women up to 50% more for health care than men?

Health insurance providers use this shady tactic, better known as gender rating, to unjustly procure more money from women. Thankfully, the practice is illegal in a few states, but not all. Tell Congress to put a stop to unfair gender rating in ALL states.





Gender rating is yet another tactic insurance companies have come up with to gouge their customers—as if premiums, deductibles, and qualifications for membership aren't extreme enough. According to some health insurance companies, "women require a higher degree of treatment and care to maintain health than do men." At a time when the health care crisis is at an all-time high, imposing extra charges for women is a very selfish and transparent move. The reason for the hike rests on the basis of a few arguments, as outlined by a few unnamed insurance providers:

· Pregnancy is an elective process, and therefore should not warrant automatic coverage.
· Women tend to visit their doctors more often than men.
· A history of domestic abuse, such as rape or physical violence, may require a woman to need long-term treatment, and therefore qualifies as a preexisting condition. Denial of coverage is likely if the woman is a victim of this type of abuse.

Though it's no doubt true there are procedures women will need during a lifetime that men will not, gender rating is largely arbitrary. Insurance companies can essentially charge whatever they want based on any frivolous criteria they can come up with. The reasoning behind gender rating isn't scientific or based on any research findings at all. But because little oversight exists to keep them in check, providers can ultimately make their own rules.

The fact is there is no need for companies to charge higher premiums for women; most could very easily thrive charging men and women the same. The practice of gender rating demonstrates just how far insurance companies are willing to go to make a dime off of others' misfortune.

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The Petition:

Dear Congress member:

Women on average are paying up to 50% more than men for their health insurance in America today. Insurance companies are charging higher premiums or even denying coverage for pregnancy-related care and such reasons as a history of sexual abuse. Some of the healthiest of women cannot afford medical insurance merely because of their gender. This is gender discrimination.

With the health care crisis becoming even more complex, health insurance providers need to loosen their rules and criteria, allowing women who need care to be able to receive the treatment they deserve. This is not a privilege; it's a basic human right.

Insurance providers' logic on this issue is arbitrary and transparent, and truly shows just how greedy the health care industry has become. Every woman deserves quality care and should not need to make a choice between going broke and being healthy—that's not what America is about. Take a stand for women and outlaw the practice of gender rating.

Thank you for your time.

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