3 Strikes

I married the man of my dreams June 18th 2008. Everything was wonderful until I got my normal yearly mammogram in October. The word "suspicious" jumped off the paper. Next came the additional views and ultrasound, the results were even more suspicious. The surgeon did a same day aspiration and 3 biopsies as there were 2 areas of concern. On November 12th I found out I had cancer. The surgeon said I had 3 strikes going in. Strike 1, strong family history. 2, 15 years of hormone pills and 3, the fact that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. Wow, my whole world, including my newlywed status, seemed to come to a screeching halt! My mastectomy was November 18th, my 5 month wedding anniversary. I finished chemo 2 weeks ago and in spite of several months of sickness, weakness, hair loss and depression, my husband is still here by my side. He has proven that love knows no boundaries. The last bridge is another one we will cross together, my reconstruction. They say everything happens for a reason and I believe it. Life seems more precious than ever and I am looking forward to many upcoming years with my wonderful husband and all the people who have supported me through this whole experience.
Katy Niedermayer
Kettering, OH