3 time cancer survivor

3 times cancer survivor..twice in the breast and once in the brain..all in 2011 and 2012....now it is 2015 and I'm great..after the brain surgery I was partially paralyzed on the right side and had a hospital bed delivered and I slept down stairs for months...now I'm walking fine..lost my hair twice..I had long brown hair..it started to grow back after the breast cancer..and then I lost it again with the brain cancer..second time it grew in gold and very thin..different texture...just did an ultra sound on my uterus to see if the lining is hardening..just hoping for the best..but miracles happen..believe me I'm proof..I'm still alive and so very blessed.. I was sicker than I let anybody know..but I kept a positive attitude..and told myself than I am a strong woman and I believe God and my guardian angels and my mommy.were right by my side..now my cousin just had a mastectomy..and I am happy giving her advice on how to deal with this devil. thank you..Lynda Dewinde..Lancaster Ca.
Lynda Dewinde
Lancaster, CA