40 and will beat it!

The day before my 40th birthday I went for my annual mammogram. The year prior I had went to a different location but with a friend who was not diagnosed there and diagnosed at the location I went to, so I took her advice and went to her location! Keep in mind, I had a letter come to 1 year prior stating I had calcifications that were non-malignant. It was that Monday in January, kids off of school and the phone rang, "We need additional pictures taken and we have scheduled you at noon." Got my friend to take my 4 & 6 year olds and off I went, with her prayers intact that this would be nothing. After the pictures, the radiologist said I needed a bioposy for calcifications that look suspicious and I need to find a breast surgeon. Needless to say, my friend wasn't thinking that! Found my breast surgeon and was told over the phone during a snowstorm that I had stage 0 breast cancer, needed a lumpectomy and radiation....also that my surgeon had dropped my insurance carrier and would need to find another surgeon. Three days later we met my "new" surgeon who was taking over my case. We were then told that the mammogram showed calcifications that were widespread and a masectomy needed to be completed....not what we expected. Needless to say, I got a second opinion and I am heading home today after my bi-lateral masectomy. I am now cancer free, at least that is what my surgeon said!!! My cancer was not noticed by a bump or lump.....mine was only found through my annual mammo, which I thank God everyday that I was smart enough to be pro-active in my life! God Bless all the survivors out there!!!!!
C Porter
Wayne, NJ