40 yr old single mom to a special needs child and breast ca too

My ex left me with a special needs child, believe me that consumes my life. It was one of the most challenging times of my life until breast cancer decided to come pay me a visit. After a mammo and all the other tests that followed it was confirmed that I had extensive DCIS, which meant a mandatory mastectomy. I opted for a double, so I could avoid ever hearing those words again and also for symmetry. My family flew in from across the country and I went in for surgery on 6/22/09. As most of you know the insurance companies boot you out in 2 days, so I was home on 6/24/09. I did have the reconstruction started, but have yet to look at myself. I have cleverly found many ways to get a bathing suit top on before I take off my medi-bra. I did find out that my lymph nodes were negative and the surrounding tissue was as well. So I can now focus on the next 9 months of reconstruction and of course taking care of my lovely son Nicholas. Hope and strength to everyone reading this post. jeannie
holbrook, NY