A Double Whammy

After a routine mammogram and subsequent ultrasound and biopsy on each breast I was diagnosed in January 2009 with DCIS. Cancer in both breasts at the same time -- I could not believe this was happening! It was Stage 0, non-invasive, and my surgeon said it was the best kind of breast cancer you could have. No lymph nodes were affected for which I am really thankful. I had a lumpectomy on each breast followed by six weeks of radiation. After consulting with a medical oncologist I chose no further treatment and feel very optimistic. In addition to my health issues my husband underwent open heart surgery in February 2009. We have recuperated together and are both doing great. My tumors were so small they could not be felt by the doctor. That's why it is so important that we have annual mammograms. I am sixty-eight and thank God for every day.
Louise Hill
China Grove, NC