A Generation Lost, A Generation Saved

My grandmother died from cancer when I was a very little girl. I honestly don't know what kind of cancer it was because by the time they found it, the cancer had spread beyond saving. She finally went into the doctor because her foot was hurting her as the cancer had spread to her heels and now I don't know anything about my grandmother except her name and her fight with cancer. Please get regular mammograms and support and give to those who try to but can't afford them. Don't let this story be yours too. My mother, who is my life's blood and best friend, has also had scares with breast cancer. However, she gets regular mammograms that helped stop another tragedy in our family. I whole-heartedly support the breast cancer site for helping women across the nation detect breast cancer early so they have an upper hand in the fight against this disease that does nothing but hurt and take from its victims and their families.
Moore, OK